Friday Funny 648: Signs it's Just TOO Cold

>> Friday, January 03, 2014

Last night, the local news said that the HIGH temperature for Monday is going to be 14 below. FOURTEEN BELOW. Fahrenheit. The HIGH temp for the day.

So on that note, Pleated Jeans shared some signs that it's too cold out, and here are my favorite 18:

1. Your beverage is doing this:

(That "bearly" had better be a play on words and not an error...)

2. Your dog came home looking like this:

3. Your car windows are turning into sheets of ice:

4. The local church leaves this message:

5. Your car’s built-in heater just isn’t enough:

6. Your cat changed his mind:

7. And decided to hog the heater instead:

8. The neighborhood dogs are bundling up:

9. And even the penguins are pulling out the wool socks:

10. This is how you’re keeping your beers cold:

11. The fire hydrants are doing this:

12. You see... uh... this:

13. Hell has literally frozen over:

14. Your crocs stick to the wall and your hair is frozen:

15. This suddenly seems like an acceptable outfit to wear:

16. You know that ice scraper you own just isn’t going to cut it:

17. Mortal enemies are putting aside differences to stay warm:

18. The dog is taking matters into his own hands:

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Jumper 2.0 9:23 AM, January 04, 2014  

They are now predicting a high of minus 18!

Steve Stenzel 2:33 PM, January 04, 2014  

Damn it, Jumper. Now I'm depressed.

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