Awesome Photos from the Israman Course

>> Saturday, January 25, 2014

Here's the group of 5 of us that Kinetis sent to Israel and the Israman Triathlon:

Tim H, Nick, Ben, Me, and Tim C (on stage before the Israman press conference).

Tim H and Ben did the entire half iron race, I did the swim in the half iron as part of a relay, and Nick and Tim C took photos all day. Tim C is with SlowTwitch, and he published a few of his photos in an article there. Here are a few that really show the race nicely from Tim C:

The full moon over Eilat.

There's the big-ass yacht I've been talking about. Note the helicopter for scale.

The full iron distance had a quick beach run to start lap 2 in the Red Sea.
I think this is super nice Tom Marmarelli who came in 2nd by 6 mins in the full iron race.
(He closed the gap to just 15 seconds at one point before dropping back.)

THE MOUNTAINS! The first 15K of the bike had 2,000+ feet of elevation gain!

The fence is the boarder with Egypt. Oh, and there are more hills.

More fence. More climbing.

Riding past a military check-point.

"Beware of Crosswinds." They weren't too bad this year, but they were BRUTAL the last 2.
If there's a sign to warn CARS of this, you know you could be in for it on your BIKE.

T2 up in the mountains, getting ready to run back down to the sea's edge.

Look at that downhill stride. There's 10K of that that will just FRY your quads.

What a landscape!

The eventual winner of the full: Petr Vabrousek.
He's a little more "stacked" then most IM winners, right?

2nd place (Tom) with 1st place (Petr) just after finishing.

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Anonymous,  11:05 AM, January 28, 2014  

Thanks for sharing this! It looks like an anawesome trip!

And I think the people at Kinetis were right to send you - you've made me want to go on the same trip. :-)

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