Pharmie's Last-Minute Half Marathon

>> Monday, July 08, 2013

Pharmie's running buddy Laura decided to run the "Red, White, and Boom" Half Marathon on July 4th as her long run for the week. Pharmie was easily talked into it as well, and they both signed up at the last minute. (Pharmie's training for the TC Marathon, and Laura's training for a different marathon on the same day.)

I Instagrammed this photo on Thursday morning:

"Loaded up to go watch Momma race!"

That's Henry in the bike stroller - notice he's already positioned his "munch cup" and his water cup on either side. We just had a short 5.5 mile ride from our house to the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis where the race was finishing.

You can't really see the runners, but they're running across the bridge to finish on the far side.

4th of July boxers.

Richelle running past!

Here comes Laura!...

... and Pharmie was just a few feet behind Laura! Go Mama!

Henry didn't run out for a hug this time because he was too interested in his cow bell...

... but Mama was able to steal a hug and a kiss before finishing the race!

Running off to cross the Stone Arch Bridge and finish her 5th half marathon!
(She's done 15 marathons & about 10 half Ironmans, but this was only her 5th half marathon.)

Shortly after Pharmie headed to the finish, I spotted these guys:

They had stuff written all over their chests, so they were obviously out to cheer. Apparently the girls saw them while they were racing, and Laura shouted "YOU'RE WEARING TOO MANY CLOTHES!" to the one in the Speedo. That's just one of the reasons I really like that woman. She can run with my wife any time!

Henry and I cheered for a bit longer, and then we loaded up and rode home. I snapped a photo crossing back over the Mississippi:

The next day (Friday), Henry and I played all day long. At one point while we were playing with his blocks, he ran over and put on Mama's race medal and kept playing:

The "Midsummer Mile" road race is Wednesday night! I did my last (easy) set of intervals yesterday, so all my training is in the bag. Stop back Wednesday night or Thursday morning to see how it went!


Robyn 9:46 AM, July 08, 2013  

Hey, is Henry a left hander?

Awesome race report. Congratulations to Pharmie! It was a good day to run. (I was out stupid-early on the trails, but RWB looked good too).

roughkat 11:43 AM, July 08, 2013  

I called out to 3 or 4 guys that looked like you and had a stroller but nobody answered to the name Steve. Oh well.

Steve Stenzel 3:00 PM, July 08, 2013  

Robyn, we THINK he's leaning towards being a righty, but we can't tell yet.

And roughhat, that's funny! HA! We had the bike and bike hauler on Wednesday, not the running stroller. :)

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