Friday Funny 555: A Dozen Things More Exciting Than the Royal Baby

>> Friday, July 26, 2013

Buzzfeed has my number on this one. They posted an article of "things way more exciting than the royal baby." Here are my favorite 12:

#1: Squirrels f*cking up cars.

#2: Debating whether or not Captain Crunch is a real captain.

#3: This family’s new fridge.

#4: The story of Stephen Giraldo.

#5: A flashlight in the middle of the road in Phoenix, Arizona.

#6: A man being hit in the head with a dildo.

I actually really want to know more about this.

#7: The debate over Miss Piggy’s weight.

#8: A man running naked into a cactus.

#9: A bear scratching its ass.

#10: The man who forgot his Cheez Whiz.

Thanks Obama.

#11: The “ball tapping” epidemic.

#12: And of course, the great Potato Chip Heist of 2011.

Now THAT'S all news I can get in to!

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Laura 4:22 PM, July 26, 2013  

More of the story from the NT here:

I used to live in Far North Queensland (FNQ) in Australia and our local paper, the Cairns Post, had notorious headlines like "Oh My Dog" over a picture of a guy holding up a python with a distinctly dog shaped bulge, inset of crying children. I miss it every single day.

Keith 4:27 PM, July 26, 2013  

Paint drying is more exciting than the royal baby. Immediate family excepted of course.

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