Friday Funny 557: Funny Links

>> Friday, July 26, 2013

I haven't done this for 3 weeks... here are some of the best of the last few weeks from my tumblr page:

Non-athletic funny things:

The royal baby as the Lion King.

[GIF] Hardcore fail.

The best wedding program ever.

Some people are dumbasses.

How to break up with someone.

What I always think when I'm on my computer late at night.

Bart Simpson on vegetarians.

When you run out of milk for your cereal.

Cat needs a scratching post.

The difference between how men and women pick shampoo.

[GIF] The main reason I don't like flying.

Dumb guys, dumb girls, and smart girls.

[VIDEO] A great dub from an infomercial.

How NOT to give a hand job.

[VIDEO] The most sarcastic teenage magician ever.

Athletic-related funny things:

8 reasons why runners make no f*cking sense.

Amsterdam is lke the Tour de France.

Another way to think about swimmers / sharks.

Have you ever worked our SO hard....


[GIF] How to pick up girls at the gym.

Gym class can do WHAT?

[VIDEO] Stupid Ironman propaganda. Making me want to do another Ironman.

Lungs / bikes.

[GIF] A gymnastics fail / imalittleteapot.

Fun things to do on a run. With a Garmin.

A runner's favorite compliment.

The best bike carrier EVER.

A little "truth" about sports bras.

Finally, 2 sets of "hard bodies:" yoga pants doing their thing, and I want to look like these guys when I grow up.

Remember, check out often for funny stuff. Happy weekend!! Pharmie and I are RACING on Sunday!


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