Friday Funny 546: Funny Links

>> Friday, July 05, 2013

Here are some of the best of the last 2 weeks from my tumblr page. I haven't posted links in a couple of weeks so feel free to check it out and keep going back to previous pages:

Non-athletic funny things:

Summer is a lot of pressure for a kid.


Ain't this the truth about money.

Do you hate people?

Alicia Keys on Kim and Kanye's baby name. Awesome.


Do you like booze?


I can't be the only one who thinks like this when showering.

[GIF] This is just adorable. An 8 month old hears his Mom for the first time with cochlear implant.

Hungry or horny?

That's one lucky solider.

Dressed as the Avengers for Halloween. ALL of the Avengers.

Jim Gaffigan on having 4 kids.

This is WebMD. Spot on.

Ron Swanson on salad.

[VIDEO] This is sitting on my kitchen counter right now. I can't wait to make it. I think I'll make it on family vacation with my niece and nephew in a month so we all get a bite. Well, a nibble at least.

If you have kids, someday THIS will be your reaction.

Spider-Man on Monday morning.

Need a good excuse?

Jim Gaffigan on organic food.

Athletic-related funny things:

[GIF] I've been married 10 years. And I don't think my wife would trust me this much. Whoa.

Cars vs bikes.

Weirdest. Race. Ever.

Thanks Obama.

You know you're a runner when...

Yoga fail.

[GIF] Am I using this machine correctly?

Go Momma, go!

At the gym.

This is the only kind of marathon in my future.

[GIF] Coolest / weirdest front-flip gif.

Another "you know you're a runner when..."


The truth about biking.

This is a GREAT idea for riding at night!

Yet another "you know you're a runner when..." This is my Wednesday mornings.

This has happened to all of us at a race before.

[GIF] The BEST way to do a somersault.

You can't buy happiness, but...

[GIF] The coolest soccer goal ever.

Finally, here are some fit women with nice abs. Check out my "hard body of the day" tag for lots of fit folks.

Remember, check out often for funny stuff. Happy weekend!!


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