Friday Funny 446: Best Teacher Quotes (ver 2.0)

>> Friday, December 21, 2012

At the end of Spring semester last May, I posted a photo of some of my quotes that a student had written down throughout the semester.

Well, it happened again. I found these in the back of a student's Process Journal. Taylor told me I could show these and her name:

1. "We're all horrible people out of context." I don't remember how this came up. But it's true. We've all done something when we were alone and thought "I'm a horrible, horrible person."

2. "Well that was sassy of me." What can I say? I'm sassy sometimes.

3. "Apparently I get sassy after 5 p.m." See explanation for #2.

4. "Don't you hate it when you think you're psychic and then you walk outside and get hit by a bus?" I remember saying that. I don't remember why.

5. "The fact that this bigger form fits perfectly in this space gets me hot." Stuff like that DOES get me hot. But is should - I'm a passionate art and design professor! :)

6. "...Which can be an honest mistake... if you have AN I.Q. OF SIX!!" Something was obvious, and I was very sensitively pointing it out. (This wasn't directed at a student - it was a generalization.)

7. "Don't you hate it when you go to enlarge someone's profile picture and it's like 72 dpi and it gets smaller and you're just like FUCK YOU?" Ah yes. Talking about resolution and file size. This DOES annoy me. If you click on a profile picture on FB or where ever, it should get bigger. People that upload tiny, tiny pictures are horrible, horrible human beings.

8. "InDesign takes anything.... what a whore." First of all, I said "LIKE a whore." Secondly, InDesign DOES take everything - I was just trying to make a good point. PDFs, AIs, PSDs, JPEGs, PNGs, etc, etc. InDesign takes it all. Yeah baby.

BTW, here's the first set of "Steve Quotes" from last May.


TriMOEngr 10:09 PM, December 21, 2012  

Not sure which is funnier - that you say some of this stuff or that your students write them down.

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