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>> Monday, December 31, 2012

Well, I won't be going for a run today. So that means my 2012 totals look like this:

Four quick things:

- June and July were my smallest months because I was trying to be smart after my heel injury flared up a bit in late May.

- FOUR months of 100+ miles is a yearly PR! I had 3 months in 2010 (with 110.44 being my biggest month), and none in 2011.

- 1,027 total miles is over 100 more than any other year!! (I had 911.4 in 2010.) MASSIVE PR!!

- And I SWEAR that I didn't know that I needed to run exactly 10.62 miles last night with Henry to have my biggest month all year (to hit 107.82 miles to beat my 107.81 in April). But that's exactly what I ran!

(Sort of like I SWEAR that I had no idea that I ran 6 perfectly descending splits during my treadmill interval workout I posted about on Saturday until well after I'd posted that and REALLY looked at those numbers. Weird.)

I'll be back in the next day or 2 with the biggest things I've learned from all this running this year while winning the Grand Prix series! I picked up some good tips that I'd like to share.

In the meantime, here's a photo of a tree that I snapped yesterday. I always like seeing this massive tree in the middle of nowhere between 2 fields in Southern Minnesota along my drive to visit my parents. Yesterday morning, it was covered in frost in the 4 degree air:


Katie 1:46 PM, December 31, 2012  

so you didn't take my advice and give up after 1K and drink for the rest of the year? well. I suppose that's ok.

happy new year!

Carolina John 3:00 PM, December 31, 2012  

Happy new year Steve! You really pulled out a great 2012, and I can't wait to see what you and the family have in store for 2013.

Sue's Ramblings 11:55 PM, December 31, 2012  

Just managed to snuck into the 1,000 mile club but hey those are numbers. This year has been fantastic for me with going to race destinations with friends.

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