1000+ Miles and 500+ with Henry!

>> Thursday, December 27, 2012

Well, I did it. I just hit my 2 goals for 2012: 1,000 miles of running, and 500 miles with Henry!

When we were staying at my parents place in Southern Minnesota, Pharmie and I both got out for a run while Henry was napping on Sunday. It was WINDY in the middle of wide-open Minnesota farm-country (I always forget about that wind). I did 6.5 miles, and the 3 into the wind were NIPPY on this 20 degree day.

But that nippy run put me at 1,004 total miles in 2012!! I finished my run and grabbed a photo of Pharmie running past on the Highway from my parents yard:

Wide open. Lots of wind.

Close-up of Pharmie on her 9+ mile run.

Then yesterday, I loaded Henry up when he needed a morning nap. It was only 8 degrees, and that was about 15 degrees colder than any run we did together last winter. I was NOT going to put his safety at risk just to fit in another run together. I was going to stick near home and "loop around" with Henry in his snowsuit:

Bundled up and ready to head out the door.

Outside... ready to run!

About 0.4 miles in, with HEAVY eyes.

A frozen view of the Mississippi River from the Franklin Ave Bridge.

Henry was PASSED OUT for the entire run, but I still only did 7 miles. I peeked at him often, but he was doing just fine in the carseat in the stroller. My water bottle (on the other hand) was frozen up - it's nipple would NOT give up the goods.

Henry still asleep after 7 miles in 8 degree weather.

Just a little ice on my hat and around my eyes.

Henry woke up as soon as we went in the house, and he was in a GREAT mood:

Awake and cheesy.

Trying to get out of his snowsuit!

(I feel partially inclined to note that Henry was in a good mood and WASN'T cold after our run in case anyone thinks otherwise. His cheeks were just a LITTLE chilly, but his hands were "normal," and his head and body were actually just a bit warm.)

So that run with Henry put our total at 500.5 miles together this year! It's been fun running with you, little guy!!


Sue's Ramblings 6:14 AM, December 27, 2012  

Fantastic! Great way to end 2012!

TriMOEngr 8:40 AM, December 27, 2012  

Congrats to you (and Henry) on reaching your goal. You and your wife are amazing - wind is the devil!

Karen 1:39 AM, December 28, 2012  

Man, I'm a little jealous of Henry. I wish I could nap my way through 500 mi!! Great job on hitting that goal.

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