Closing In On My First 1,000 Mile Year

>> Monday, December 10, 2012

(... and a few sledding photos.)

Currently, I've ran 958.81 miles in 2012. I'm less than 42 miles from my FIRST EVER 1,000 mile year! My previous best was 911 miles last year, and I posted that I broke that PR at the end of last month.

Friday night, we got some snow. About a half inch stuck around, and both Pharmie and I got in a run on Saturday because another few inches were predicted for Saturday night / Sunday morning.

A little snow still around on Saturday afternoon,
leading to just a few icy / slushy spots on the trail.

So Saturday afternoon, I headed out for a 13 miler. I warmed up for 2 miles, used mile 3 as a "building" mile (6:52), and then did 7 miles harder. (The effort was somewhere between my half marathon race-pace and a tempo run.) Those faster miles were 6:34, 6:44, 6:36, 6:25, 6:17, 6:03 and 6:02, for a total of 44:41 (or 6:23.0 pace).

Sunday, it REALLY SNOWED! We were going to take Henry sledding for the first time. Here are 10 quick photos:

Heading to the park in the snow.

I've never seen snow "fill in" a chain link fence before!
And look at how it's piled up 6 inches on top.

Henry's not so sure about the snow...

Pulling Henry and Momma to the park.

Henry and I ready for his first run!

Crabby faces at the bottom. He didn't like sledding.

Henry and Momma ready to try it!

Nope. He didn't like sledding with Momma either. Time to head home.

Leaving the park and all the kids behind.

The saddest snow angel EVER!!!

OK, maybe Henry will like the snow next year. Let's hope.

And then as it was still snowing yesterday afternoon, I decorated our front tree with 1,200 lights:

So with all this snow, running has changed for the rest of the year - it will be harder to get out for a run with the stroller.

On July 3rd, I went on a run with Henry that put my total yearly mileage at over 50% with him (around 498 TOTAL miles, and 251 of those were with Henry). Since then, my 2012 running miles have always been over 50% with him - July and August were REALLY "Henry heavy". Well, now that winter's truly arrived, I might end the year with under 50% of my miles with Henry. I'm at 958.8 total miles, and my "Henry miles" are at 481.5. Unless something horrible happens, I should be able to break 1,000 miles. But unless we get a mild stretch for a few days when classes are over and I'm hanging out with Henry, we won't break 500 miles together.


STILL, it's been a GREAT year! Happy winter, everyone!


kelands 8:08 AM, December 10, 2012  

It seems like you would be the kind of guy to figure out how to pull off running with the stroller on a treadmill...

Robyn 9:02 AM, December 10, 2012  

We also have a large collection of "toddlers looking skeptical in the snow" pictures. Unsurprisingly, it gets a little better every year, as they get big enough to walk in the snow and stay warm for longer.

Three winters ago the little guy was 15-18 months old and VERY dubious of being bundled up and placed in snow. Two winters ago when he was 2, he liked walking on plowed sidwalks/paths and stomping into deeper drifts... and then he was ready to go inside.

Last winter, when he was 3, he would sled down the little sledding hill near our house. It usually took a few runs to build enthusiasm, then a few more and he was cold and ready to head in. But he had fun!

Now he's 4. We went out sledding yesterday. He charged up the hill, zoomed down, laughed, said "I want to do it again!", and repeated 20 times. And was sad when it was time to go home. We've finally reached the "fun in the snow for hours" age!

Just keep dressing him up and taking him out. Try it now that it's stopped snowing and he isn't getting snowflakes in his face. It doesn't have to be for a long period of time. Make it fun and don't let him get cold. He'll get there!

Say, any advice on good routes to run now that it's snowy? I walked a fair bit this weekend but the neighborhood sidewalk quality is, shall we say, variable.

Kimberly 9:12 AM, December 10, 2012  

While I'm excited for your 1,000 mile year, I must thank you for the fantastic photos of Henry. I die of cuteness.

Travis 9:40 AM, December 10, 2012  

You could bring the jogging stroller to the indoor track.....but that would be a LOT of turns

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman 11:31 AM, December 10, 2012  

The sad snow angel and tree pictures are to DIE for!!! Awesome!

Steve Stenzel 11:58 AM, December 10, 2012  

Robyn, we'll keep trying. It's good to hear it gets better! :)

As for running in the Cities, we tend to hit up the trail along River Road. Minneapolis and St. Paul both plow their sides pretty quick, and now with some sun today, hopefully they'll be OK for running. And there's always "Dome Running" at the Metrodome on Tues / Thurs from 5-8! (Don't run far in the dome - those hard floors really beat up my legs!)

trimybest 1:57 PM, December 10, 2012  

The golf course hill! We have been there many times, its great!

Kristin,  7:14 AM, December 14, 2012  

Oh man, that sad snow angel picture is priceless! If you haven't put together your Christmas card picture collage yet....

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