Long (Icy) Run with Henry

>> Monday, December 17, 2012

Henry and I went out in about 28 degree weather yesterday for 12 miles. We "meandered" around the city taking paths with as little packed snow as possible (which was left over from our 10.5 inches a week ago). Here's where we ran:

(The letters correspond to some of the photos below,
and the arrows are which direction I took the photos.)

I got Henry bundled up and we were ready to go:

Photo "A:" snow-packed roads for the first 3 blocks.

Henry passed out less than 1 minute into our run.

The River Road Trail had a bit of packed ice/snow when we started out on it, but it cleared up shortly.

Photo "B:" smooth running!

Photo "C:" down the Greenway Trail. It sucked. We turned around soon.

Photo "D:" the west side of River Road had 1 "lane" of it's 3 open the whole way.

My shoulders and left hand got a little sore. My shoulders were sore from often having to lift the stroller and run with it just on the front wheel through narrow / bumpy patches. And my left hand was sore from gripping the stroller tighter than usual. My right hand is apparently used to gripping things tightly. You know what I'm talking about. You know. YOU KNOW. Yeah... you know.

We went down the big hill under the Franklin Bridge and the I-94 Bridge. I hardly go down that because big long hills tend to flare up my heel issues. But in this case (as my theory goes), this big long hill was well plowed, salted, and sanded BECAUSE it was a big long hill - the city didn't want anyone getting hurt. Here's 2 shots looking back up it on my way up:

Photo "E:" at the bottom of the hill.

Photo "F:" past I-94, still running up towards Franklin.

We ran back and forth over a mile stretch before heading home because the trail was GREAT there (Photo "B" from above).So on my way back, I took a photo of the "worst" of it around the start / end of the River Trail:

Photo "G."

STILL passed out after pulling into the yard.

My pace chart RARELY looks this "sporadic" - I had to slow up lots of times for snow/ice/bumps.

So this run puts my 2012 running total at 984.45 miles, and it puts my "Henry Run" miles for 2012 at 493.64 miles! So (knock on wood) I should EASILY be able to break 1,000 total miles. And one more non-snow-covered mild day home with Henry when I need a run should allow me a final "Henry Run" to put OUR total over 500 miles together for the year. Here's to hoping!!


The Triathlon Rx 5:56 AM, December 17, 2012  

Ohhhh that hill. Hahha I'm imagining if it were slippery and you just ski/slide down it like behind a dog sled. (Forget about having to go back up.) :D

15.5 to go!! Happy holidays to you and the fam.

bbarekas 8:55 AM, December 17, 2012  

Hi Steve!
What type of carrier you use for your son? It looks you are an expert on this field, can you write an article with advices for parents running with kids in a carrier?
I hope you to reach 1000 miles soon.

Robyn 9:49 AM, December 17, 2012  

I ran a similar route yesterday -- river loop from Stone Arch to Lake St. That big hill up to Franklin is my "hill repeat" hill (0.25 mi and 85 ft elevation gain = 6.4% slope, if you were wondering), and yes, it was in surprisingly good shape. Actually, almost all of the River Rd trails on both sides were pretty good, at least early in the morning before things froze up.

So, does St. Paul not plow? Cause I did a little loop on roads around the golf course north of Marshall, and holy cow, even the roads were covered in inches of slush! I'll stick to Mpls running, thankyouverymuch.

Steve Stenzel 9:07 PM, December 19, 2012  

bbarekas, we have a car seat in an Ironman BOB stroller. Here's a bit about the stroller:


And Robyn, St. Paul re-plowed everything a few days after we had some melting. But it hasn't melted since, so now there's just some more ice over everything. Damn it. And I was going to tell you that I was surprised that the Franklin Ave Bridge sidewalk was in such good shape for my run - that can usually be nasty!

Unknown 9:43 AM, December 20, 2012  

Whoa, that kid is cute!

And I got my package of goodies this week. Thanks again for that!!

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