Racing With Henry, Looking Like SH*T at the Finishline

>> Saturday, December 01, 2012

There's a big slideshow of photos up from the Tri-Fitness WBL "Fast Before the Feast" (the 10K I ran with Henry on Thanksgiving). Here are a few photos I want to share:

They tried to raise 6 TONS of food for a local food shelf! There were more trucks than this.

80% sure this is Rachel, one of my blog readers who won a free race entry.

See the volunteer in the sweet socks? I have a story about him!...

This volunteer pictured above was working about 3 blocks from the finish line where we all turned off the main road to head for the finish. He shot me a big smile and cheered me on. When I walked back with Henry to look for Pharmie finishing the race, he told me "I've been passed by those shorts before!" I laughed and stuck out my hand. "I'm Steve... where have we met?" He said his name was Pete and we raced the Cinco DU Mayo Duathlon back in May together! He was the one in my race report who I kept calling "Guy In Black!" He caught me on the bike, but I passed him with a mile left in the run to take second. Too funny! Nice to "officially" meet you, Pete!

Just before the start - I'm just behind the tall guy to the middle/left.


Melissa (who finished just in front of me in 3rd overall) cutting through
the 5K finishers in the neon calf sleeves.

Remember in Henry's 10K "race report" write-up how he mentioned that I actually leaned down into the stroller near the finish? Yeah, I was TOAST.

Want proof that I was toast? Here I am with the stroller about to finish:


One of my worst finishing photos ever. Yet I oddly love it.

Walking back to look for Pharmie to finish (look in the background to the left).

Again, in the background: stopping to get a photo of the finish line.

Here comes Pharmie!! (She's in the background in light pink.)

Close-up of that last photo showing Pharmie back there ON HER WAY TO A PR!!

The "Kids Race" starting after the 5K and 10K were over!

A semi-awkward crotch-shot from the kids race. (Uncropped by me. I swear.)

My gross finishing shot is worth one last look:


Click here to read my "Fast Before the Feast" race report from last week (written by Henry!).

p.s. Last call to enter my big "Stocking Stuffer" giveaway! I'll be printing out all the entries shortly, and picking the winners early next week. Stop back to see if you've won!


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