CLIF Bar Giveaway!!

>> Saturday, September 01, 2012

Yesterday (August 31st) was "National Trail Mix Day." Betcha didn't know that. I didn't know that until someone from CLIF Bar contacted me and told me.

CLIF Bars has a filling salty / sweet "trail mix" bar called the MOJO Bar. They are going to give a sample of 5 bars to 5 different readers of mine! Meaning 5 readers each get 5 bars... NOT that 5 readers have to share 5 bars so they each get 1. That would suck.

Flavors and some nutritional info from their site.



- JUST LEAVE A COMMENT ON THIS POST!! Yep, that's it. Ba-da-bing: you're in the running to possibly win 1 of 3 "sets" of 5 bars. I'll randomly pick three comments to win.

- I'm going to give the 4th set of Mojo Bars to a random person on twitter who follows me and sends out this tweet:

I want @SteveinaSpeedo to give me some @ClifBar MOJO bars! -

- And I'm going to give the 5th set of Mojo Bars to a random "Steve in a Speedo" fan on Facebook. If you think you're already a fan, you may not be! I just started a new "fan page" because the old page (from years ago) was a group. Facebook changed the way groups work a while back, and it's not right for a "fan page." The fan page will just put updates in your normal Facebook feed, and you will NOT get a "notification" like you did with the group (because that was annoying). So LIKE "Steve in a Speedo" on Facebook, and a random fan will win some Mojo Bars!

Then check back sometime mid-next week (around the 5th or 6th) to see if I draw your name as 1 of the 5 the winners! (And I guess if you tweet and like "Steve in a Speedo" on Facebook there's a chance you could win 3 of the sets of bars!)

Legal junk:
- Open to residents of US. Sorry Iceland.
- Just like in all of my giveaways, I've only been given these bars to giveaway; they have not asked or told me to say anything else. All of these thoughts are my own.
- When you leave a comment, please "sign" your name if you don't have a blogger account, otherwise it will be hard to figure out who you are if you're one of the winners. For example, say something like "It's Steve S. from St. Paul. Gimme some MOJO!!"
- I'll assign all entries a number (for the blog comments, tweets, and fans) and then use (or other random number generating scheme) to pick a winner at random.
- If I can't get a hold of the winner(s) in 3 days, I'll re-draw for a new winner(s). So make sure to CHECK BACK in the middle of next week!

Again, if you're from the US, comment now! Right here! And follows me on twitter and send out that tweet to have another chance to win! And like "Steve in a Speedo" on Facebook for yet ANOTHER chance to win! Do it before Wednesday the 5th. Thanks everyone!

Comment now to enter! Tweet and / or like for another chance!

Happy weekend!


maija 11:09 AM, September 01, 2012  

Do you think flojo would eat a mojo?

Brent 11:17 AM, September 01, 2012  

I want those bars! Thanks for the contest Steve!

Brent from Minneapolis

Jeremy Reichenberger 11:18 AM, September 01, 2012  

Considering I'm starving right now - I could REALLY go for a Mojo bar!

Robyn 11:40 AM, September 01, 2012  

Love the salty! These sound good!

corey 11:50 AM, September 01, 2012  

Count me in Steve, I'm feeling lucky.

Kitzzy 12:28 PM, September 01, 2012  

Oooh! Pick me! I LOVE these bars!

I'm going to go make sure I'm also a fan of your FB page since I think it was a group when I first followed.

Tap 12:37 PM, September 01, 2012  

Sounds delicious! Yes please! Thank you!

Dave 12:42 PM, September 01, 2012  

Here's hoping I get lucky. Thanks!

Kim 12:47 PM, September 01, 2012  

Mmm i love peanut butter pretzel!

TriMOEngr 1:01 PM, September 01, 2012  

I love the nature valley trail mix bars. Would love to give these a whirl.

RunningWhit 2:11 PM, September 01, 2012  

Sounds yummy! I can't believe I missed celebrating National Trail Mix Day!!!

Tall Girl Running 2:56 PM, September 01, 2012  

I'm drooling on my keyboard even as I type. Obviously, these Mojos are meant to be mine.

krystyna47 3:31 PM, September 01, 2012  

Count me in for a comment, I need to try these!

Jennifer 3:47 PM, September 01, 2012  

Yum!! Here's my comment. Thanks!

Anonymous,  4:01 PM, September 01, 2012  

Yumm-o!! Get in my those! Thanks!:) ALV

Shelly 4:36 PM, September 01, 2012  

I need some good MoJo for a change!

The Triathlon Rx 4:58 PM, September 01, 2012  

Mmmm their trail mix bars are my favorite! Especially the salty pretzel one. :)

The Triathlon Rx 4:58 PM, September 01, 2012  

Mmmm their trail mix bars are my favorite! Especially the salty pretzel one. :)

angie 6:26 PM, September 01, 2012  

I want to try ALL the Mojo bars! Please pick me, Steve!

Spie 7:10 PM, September 01, 2012  

I just dropped some tall cash buying my bar supply from Target. I would love to put off that trip for another week! :)

Unknown 8:19 PM, September 01, 2012  

My wife might want to try them!

Heather 8:35 PM, September 01, 2012  

My 5'5", 71 lb son needs to win these. He could use 200 cal of yumminess to continue to fuel his escapades (and ongoing growth spurt)!

Christine 8:38 PM, September 01, 2012  

Gimme some bars!!!!

Christina 9:22 PM, September 01, 2012  

Pick me! Pick me! Mojo Bars are my favorite these days.

Anonymous,  9:57 PM, September 01, 2012  

Please enter me, Steve.


Mike in Mankato

alisen,  10:47 PM, September 01, 2012  

Yummmm! Yes, please :)

Melissa 11:00 PM, September 01, 2012  

I love these bars! Please pick me!!! :)

Bo,  11:01 PM, September 01, 2012  

Need to get my Mojo back.

Robert Lejeune 5:43 AM, September 02, 2012  

I'd love to try those bars :)

Unknown 8:16 AM, September 02, 2012  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Karri S,  8:22 AM, September 02, 2012  

I love the sweet salty combo

Kathy 8:26 AM, September 02, 2012  

oooh, those look good. I'm not in the US but have a US address to have things sent to while waiting for a mule, so that should work, right? I mean you're not going to be inspecting my passport are you? :)

Rizel 8:30 AM, September 02, 2012  

ohhh, looks delicious!

bethtrue 9:36 AM, September 02, 2012  

These are tasty - would love to win!

Pedalgeek - Trimaine,  9:44 AM, September 02, 2012 have so much Mojo, why not share some with me?

Lori 10:09 AM, September 02, 2012  

Racing my first Tri this coming Saturday!

Unknown 11:53 AM, September 02, 2012  

My first marathon is 5 weeks from today, I would love some mojo bars.

left.right.repeat 12:06 PM, September 02, 2012  

Yo dude - feed me.
Bryan R - always flucky in TX

Lisa! 12:20 PM, September 02, 2012  

FB Groups are THE WORST for readability and manageability! Good idea here.


longrun4fun 2:59 PM, September 02, 2012  

I'm not eating until I receive those bars!

Brad 3:37 PM, September 02, 2012  

Pick me! Pick me! I'm so hungry!

:) 5:56 PM, September 02, 2012  

Sign me up!
Keep up the great work on your blog too, I really enjoy it. -Liz

Anonymous,  6:02 PM, September 02, 2012  

Hey Steve! I need some MOJO fort hubby - he's doing IMWI a week from today! I might need some too, since I'll have our 2 girls (5 & 2) there cheering him on!

Sarah from Apple Valley

rjm 6:10 PM, September 02, 2012  

I could sure use some Mojo bars.

moonsword 6:44 PM, September 02, 2012  

Well it's about time August had a real holiday! ;)
I'm craving some crunchy salty/sweet goodness right now so I'd love to try some Mojos...many thanks!

Nathaniel 6:53 AM, September 03, 2012  

Would love to try some Mojo bars. I bet they will give me some much needed Mojo.

CautiouslyAudacious 7:20 AM, September 03, 2012  

That's one of my fav brands but haven't tried the Mojo line yet!

Anonymous,  9:07 AM, September 03, 2012  

Would love to win!

Anonymous,  10:43 AM, September 03, 2012  

I will use those cliff bars!
Clinton from Mooresville, NC

Jessica 11:51 AM, September 03, 2012  

Hey I need some serious Mojo in my blow hole.

Anna 5:22 PM, September 03, 2012  

I <3 cliff bars adn I <3 Steve in a Speedo! :)

Alexa 6:59 PM, September 03, 2012  

I loooove the sweet and salty flavors of these things.

Alexa 7:01 PM, September 03, 2012  

I liked Steve in a Speedo on facebook.

Unknown 10:51 PM, September 03, 2012  

I've eaten trail mix, and been to a bar. I might as well try mixing the two. Or maybe I don't get the concept...

shecandoit 8:18 AM, September 04, 2012  

I sure need some mojo, any kind of mojo will do.

Christine 10:12 AM, September 04, 2012  

I totally LOVE these bars!

Jen from MD,  10:51 AM, September 04, 2012  

Oh pick me, pick me! I love those things!

Mary V.,  11:20 AM, September 04, 2012  

I have never had a Mojo bar amd would love to try one! Thanks for the contest.

My Boring Triathlon Blog 11:39 AM, September 04, 2012  

wow that's a lot of calories from fat but i'll take it

Anonymous,  11:53 AM, September 04, 2012  

Hope I win. Too lazy to go to the store.

Andy Koch 1:19 PM, September 04, 2012  

Pick me! I like trail mix and I like bars, so I'm guessing I like them together!

Soon to be Tri Athlete 1:24 PM, September 04, 2012  

Pick me - These bars are the best!!

Tina 1:43 PM, September 04, 2012  

Oh man, I could go for one of those right now.

Dan R,  2:41 PM, September 04, 2012  

Count me in Steve! Thanks!

Alyssa Duhe 3:32 PM, September 04, 2012  

Oh heck yes! I totally want some Clif Bars!

Melissa @ Faster In Water 3:49 PM, September 04, 2012  

Oh but there are 6 kinds? But we only get 5? Le sigh.

Tri Girl Tri! 5:25 PM, September 04, 2012  

Great giveaway! Who wouldn't want to win some snacks!

RunningLaur 7:56 PM, September 04, 2012  

I don't have a manly enough voice to pull off a Rachel Ray 'yummo' but that's what I think of from MOJO bars!

Merrilee 7:57 PM, September 04, 2012  

I would treasure these Mojo bars. At least for a day. Thanks Steve and Clif!

Anonymous,  10:37 PM, September 04, 2012  

I bet mojo bars would be yummy in my tummy. Brittany

Steel Springs 10:53 PM, September 04, 2012  

Thanks for another great giveaway! Yum. I'd love to win those.

Unknown 9:51 PM, September 06, 2012  

Awesome giveaway!! My "so hungry i'll eat my arm" snack is a bowl of 2percent greek yogurt with a crumbled cliff bar- and these would be awesome!

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