8 Days Away: The TC Marathon!!

>> Saturday, September 29, 2012

Next Sunday (Oct 7th) is my wife's birthday!! On that same day, she'll be running her 13th STRAIGHT Twin Cities Marathon!

Her streak includes 9 pretty "normal" marathons, 1 marathon with pneumonia 4 weeks after doing an Ironman, 1 marathon pregnant (which was in 2010, and she ran it EASY knowing she COULD be pregnant - we found out for sure the next morning), and 1 marathon 16 weeks postpartum (which was last year).

Internet buddie Pattie recently asked me about cheering at the Marathon:

First of all, yes.... I'm not sure if the farm animals will make an appearance. (Click here and here to see the farm animals cheering at the last 2 TC Marathons - something we've been doing since 2007.)

Secondly, how did Pattie know I was planning on adding those songs to my "Marathon Cheering Mix?!?!?" Good call, Pattie!

If no farm animals appear at the marathon...

... I'll at least wear one of my bright Speedos to cheer in:

The "Pinky and the Brain" shorts or....

.... the "Tutti Frutti" shorts.

We'll just have to see what ends up working best for cheering next weekend.

If you're in the mood to see some cheering, dancing farm animals, here are our 3 cheering videos from 2009, 2010, and 2011. Happy weekend!!


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