25K IN THE BAG!!!!!!!!!

>> Sunday, September 09, 2012

I just ran the most 3rd most miles that I've EVER ran in 1 day!!

I only ran more at Ironman Wisconsin in 2007 (26.2 miles), and then on Halloween in 2009 when I did the Monster Dash 10 Mile and immediately went out to cheer on my wife at her first 50K trail race (20 miles total for me). I trained for Grandma's Marathon in 2008, but ended up injured after my 17 mile long run, and then I DNFed the race at mile 14ish.

First, I have to tend to some blood blisters - yuck. And then I'll be ready for some running around with this guy for the rest of the day:

Back with a full race report tomorrow.


Luis Fernando Oliveira 11:26 AM, September 09, 2012  

This is the coolest gif EVER!

Please, post picts of the feet.

SteveQ 2:49 PM, September 09, 2012  

Most miles in a day... sounds like a goal. The American record for miles run in 24 hours was broken this weekend. He ran 170!

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