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>> Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It's been 10 days since my first 25K (which was my longest running race that I've finished!), and my legs still feel good. I did nothing last week after the race.

This past weekend, Pharmie and I went to my cousin's wedding. Then we spent the next morning at her parents' house in southern Minnesota. I snuck away on a windy and chilly Sunday morning for a nice 8.5 mile run. My legs felt good! It was the first time since the Rochester Half Marathon that my legs felt rested! I got back to the yard, and my hair showed signs of running in the open countryside on a windy day:

When I got done with my run, we headed back to my in-laws' pumpkin patch!!

Henry watching us pick pumpkins!

Pharmie bringing Henry pumpkins with Henry's Uncle Mike clipping stems in the background.

Playing in the grass with Momma! CUTE!

Riding back up to the house with Grandma and the "harvest!"

Some of the goodies that Grandma set us back with on our steps!!
(This is only about a third of the gourds she sent back with us!!)

Then yesterday, I took Henry on an interval workout. I'd done this once before. No, I didn't bust out 400s on the track with the stroller. I did 2x2 miles along the rolling hills by the river with 3 minutes of walking in between. It was the chilliest day since last spring (45 degrees!), so Henry was back in his reindeer hat!

We hit the river after 1.5 miles of warming up, and my first 2 mile interval looked like this:

- 6:03 (3:01 + 3:02) and 5:57 (2:58 + 2:59) for 12:01 total.

And my 2nd 2 mile interval looked like this:

- 5:53 (no splits) and 5:52 (2:57 + 2:55) for 11:44 total.

Henry looked like this as soon as I finished those fast miles:

Note the red mark on his lip where he fell 2 hours earlier. Poor sleepy dude.

Here's what my Garmin data showed when I was done:

Intervals in red, walking for 3 minutes between.

I've missed doing intervals. It had been too long....


B.o.B. 3:18 PM, September 19, 2012  

I'm really confused here. You've done an IM but not a full mary? WTH? Get on that.

Congrats on your half. And nice pics of the fam. The pic of Pharmie & Henry is adorable!

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