3 Instagrams from Henry's 14-Miler with Me

>> Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sunday was a cool morning in Minnesota. We woke up to temperatures in the 30s, and it was still only 43 degrees when Henry and I took off for a long run around 10 am:

"Henry bundled up before our 45 degree 14+ mile run this morning."

That cute dude passed out a few blocks into our run. :)

I gave Pharmie the Garmin for the morning because she was heading out for her last long run (22 miles) before the Twin Cities Marathon in 12 days! (It will be her 13th straight TC Marathon!!!) Henry and I were just going to go on an easy-ish long run, so I didn't need all my splits, mile markers, etc.

Pharmie will be enjoying this view on the Marathon course in under 2 weeks:

"Fall colors appearing on my run with Henry today. #MississippiRiver"

Henry and I took a route we'd never taken before. We ran farther north along the river than we EVER had before!! He woke up just after we pulled into the yard after 1:43:14:

"Henry woke up happy (but a bit disheveled) after 14.2 miles with me!"

Yeah, I found out that we'd gone 14.17 miles together once I mapped it out afterwards!! (Using MapMyRun.com.) 14.3 miles is our longest run together, so had I known I could have ran for another 90 seconds to "PR," I would have!

Sunday held 3 PRs for us:

- Farthest Henry and I got from home: 6.67 miles. We usually loop around the river near home. There's enough to see (I don't get bored), and if Henry wakes up cranky, we can get home quick. On a normal 12 mile run, we usually don't get more than about 2.5 - 3 miles from home.

- First time across the Stone Arch Bridge on foot. Yeah, really. I've biked across it a few times, but being I was running past it with Henry, I thought I'd run across it with him. (It was full of Vikings fans heading to the game!) You can see the little out-and-back across the bridge and back at mile 8-9.

- Most miles ran by my family in one day! Pharmie did 22 miles, and Henry and I both did 14.2 miles. So we covered 50.4 miles total on Sunday! But I suppose Henry cheated a little being he slept through all of his miles....

Henry sat down with Pharmie for some chocolate milk after her 22 mile run:

I love these guys!! :)

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Unknown 10:30 AM, September 25, 2012  

The cold weather was such a wakeup call, I started at 5am in WI and it was in the 30's. Found I couldn't remember how to dress to run in this weather again!

TriMOEngr 4:05 PM, September 25, 2012  

Never get tired of Henry grins. Nice PRs!

Ed 4:42 PM, September 25, 2012  

Looks like Henry had a good time!

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