Quick Open Water Swim and Pregnant Running Buddies Update

>> Thursday, July 07, 2011

Yesterday, Pharmie and I loaded Henry into the car and headed to Lake Nokomis. I took a quick 25 minute dip in the lake. Nokomis is where I'll be racing the LTF Triathlon this weekend!

The first few minutes of my swim were spent dealing with my goggles. I need a new pair BAD! There should be a pair showing up today from amazon.com, and Pharmie said that she has a "back-up pair" in the closet upstairs. Once they got a little better (but were still slowly leaking), I had 20 minutes of solid swimming. That's not much, but that's plenty for a little "confidence boost" going into the 0.4 mile swim in the sprint this weekend.

While I was swimming, Pharmie took Henry for about a 3 mile walk around the lake:

After the swim and walk, we hit up DQ on our way home:

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Mini-Blizzard!!!!
(Yes, I MIGHT be driving in ONLY my Speedo....)

Changing gears.... remember Abbe, my wife's pregnant running partner for the last 6 months? I posted lots of photos of them running the Grand Old Day 5K late in their pregnancy:

[1 month ago]

Pharmie and Abbe [1 month ago]

[1 month ago]

Well, their BABIES got to meet for the first time a few days ago!!! Abbe and Pharmie met at their old spot where they'd meet for runs, but now they met with strollers for a walk with the kids:

Little girl Zanna and little boy Henry

And finally, here are 2 more quick photos of our little Henry:

He often sleeps like this

Pharmie and Henry after his 3rd bath

TIME TO RACE THIS WEEKEND!!! I hope to rock my "Tutti Frutti" shorts for my 5th multisport race this year!! (And the first tri of 2011.) Make sure to shout loud if you see these shorts on Saturday at Nokomis:

2011 Duathlons: Apple, Gear West, Oakdale, and Cannon Falls


Rachel 1:01 PM, July 07, 2011  

I love the expression on Henry's face in all the photos.

Richelle 11:24 PM, July 07, 2011  

Good luck this weekend!

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