>> Saturday, July 09, 2011

I'm #3749, and I start at roughly 8:46 am. Look for the "Tutti Frutti" shorts. You can't miss me. ;)

With my lack of swim training lately, I need to go out easy and not be stupid. To quote a tweet that I tweeted 2 weeks ago: "In the first half of the race, don't be an idiot. In the second half, don't be a wimp." (Scott Douglas of Running Times Magazine.) Once I turn for shore I can pick up the pace a bit.

It's only a 15 mile bike, and I want to hammer it hard. I'm very familiar with the middle of the bike course, so I'll REALLY try to go HARD there. (Miles 6-9 of the bike are where I do 90% of my running, and miles 10-13 of the bike are where I do 80% of my biking.)

MAYBE try my first ever barefoot "feet-on-top-of-my-shoes" dismount where I keep my shoes clipped-in the whole time. MAYBE. If I'm feeling ballsy. I just want to avoid looking like this:

FML. :)

This might get ugly. I've had ONE real speed workout in the last 4 weeks, BUT I've been making sure to get in longer runs. So my endurance might still be there. But my speed from 9 months ago won't be. This might oddly work in my favor. Sometimes I MIGHT hold off on the bike a bit too much thinking "well, at least I'll be able to turn in a GREAT run split!" I won't be thinking that today. Today, it's "bike as hard as possible, and then get through the run as fast as I can."

Hang out with my wife's EvoTri peeps (it's a fun group!), and use my VIP pass (really!) to see if I can't chat with more pros! If you missed it, scroll down a few posts to the one where I met a lot of the cool pro triathletes doing this race!!

Well, time for 1 of many pre-race "nervous poops!" Wish me luck! (In the race, not in the bathroom....)


Jim Smith II 8:38 AM, July 09, 2011  

Good luck Steve, I'm sure you rocked it! Looking forward to reading the race report.

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