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>> Tuesday, July 05, 2011

On Thursday, I put out the call for anyone who wanted to come do Kevin O'Connor's duathlon workout with me on Friday. I cleaned out the garage and got ready for Kris, Mark, and Anne to come over (the 3 "suckers" who I got to come workout with me).

Note: I've mentioned this workout before, and I love it. I was given this workout at the Gear West Duathlon Clinic last spring. I've done this workout 3 times last summer, and once earlier this spring: First on the track with Marie, then a shorter version with Matt, then I did it NEAR the track at St. Thomas, and finally I did it out of my garage early this year on a 40 degree day.

Friday was HOT! We ran some errands with little Henry in the heat of the day, and it was nearly 100 degrees. As I backed my car out of the garage before doing the workout, my car said it was 99 degrees:

The "fogginess" in that photo is because the lens on my camera actually fogged up in the HOT and HUMID air as I came out of my air conditioned house! Yep, it was THAT nasty.

Kris, Mark, and Anne showed up, and we got our bikes set up in the garage:

Notice the darkroom timer in the foreground to tell us when to do our intervals

Then we headed out for a quick and easy 1 mile warm-up. I had to show them the landmarks that were 1/4 mile and 1/2 mile from my garage (so we could run 1/2 mile or 1 mile intervals).

Mark, Kris, and Anne on our warm-up

We hopped on our bikes, and we were off!! The workout starts with some easy riding. Pharmie came out of the house for a moment to grab a photo:

Mark, me, Kris, and Anne. Moments later, my shirt was off.


WU on trainer (mostly easy with few pick-ups): 8:36
Transition: 0:12
1 mile run (85% effort): 2:56 / 3:06 = 6:02

That was fast, but it felt easy. For a moment, I thought I maybe still had a lot of speed in these legs. But soon, the heat and lack of of speed-work would zap me. Oh, and on the way back from the run, I met Kris heading out, and she said "Run fast!" as she pointed at the MAJOR black cloud heading our way! This heat was about to break, and it could be stormy!

Transition: 0:23
Spin (30 hard, 30 easy): 9:37
Transition: 0:13
1 mile run: 3:13 / 3:10 = 6:23

As I hopped back on my bike, a few CRAZY gusts of wind shot through, and the temp instantly dropped 15 degrees and the humidity was sucked out of the air! Thank God! The only downside was that I watched Mark get SLAPPED in the face with a bunch of gravel dust on the run. Ow. And gross.

Transition: 0:19
Spin (30 hard, 30 easy): 9:36
Transition: 0:11
1 mile run: 3:12 / 3:09 = 6:21

The biking was getting HARD! I commented to Anne that I was dropping down into gears I hadn't had to use earlier in the workout. My runs were feeling worse too. I know my slower times were partially due to the heat, but I had hoped to be running a little faster. Oh well... still a killer workout!

Transition: 0:22
Spin (30 hard, 30 easy): 9:31
Transition: 0:11
1 mile run: 3:03 / 2:57 = 6:00

None of us were sure that we were going to do 4 repeats, but we ALL did! Yay us! ;) The last one is always ugly, but it's important to get in that final, hard push.

1:04:05 total workout time

I grabbed a photo of Mark getting ready to start his final interval on the bike:

And as soon as he took off on his final run, I snapped a sweaty photo of a well-worked young man:

Why hello there, "vein of approval!"

Kris, Anne, and Mark on their final run through the alley

Anne and Kris (AKA "gluttons for punishment") dropped down to do
some core work as soon as they finished the workout. They be trippin.

We all sat and stretched for a moment. I stood up only to find I'd left a sweet swass-print:

Anne is a member of Team Luna Chix (Minneapolis), so she brought a HUGE bag of Luna bars for Kris, Mark, and I! Here's what I grabbed with my handful out of the bag:

Note to self: invite Anne around more often. ;)
Thanks for the Luna Bars, Team Luna Chix!

BTW, Kris and Mark blog together about racing, training, geocaching, and the such. Check them out on their blog.

Hopefully back with a giveaway in a day or 2, and a triathlon race report next week!! The Life Time Fitness Minneapolis Triathlon is Saturday!!


Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman 7:46 AM, July 05, 2011  

These workouts always look killer. I might have to give it a try some time.

Katie 9:44 AM, July 05, 2011  

"Anne and Kris (AKA "gluttons for punishment") dropped down to do
some core work as soon as they finished the workout. They be trippin."


Unknown 10:13 AM, July 05, 2011  

This would be fun to do with friends! And you must have huge hands if you grabbed all those luna bars in one grab

Lisa (javamama3),  10:29 AM, July 05, 2011  

Wow, very impressive! I know how hard mine was on Saturday and I didn't have the heat you guys did and my time was much slower. Thanks for the great workout, I love it. Although I do believe my neighbors think I'm nuts.

Alexa 12:13 PM, July 05, 2011  

That Anne lady you invited sure is a hottie!! ;)

Anne 3:13 PM, July 05, 2011  

odd that she's still single... huh?

Schwinn A40 3:56 PM, July 05, 2011  

Good for you! It looks like you really enjoy exercising. If that's how you are you will never have to worry about you health!

Richelle 12:14 AM, July 06, 2011  

I can't believe you did that tough workout in that awful heat we had last week! Nice work!

Thanks for the link to Kris and Mark's blog. I'll check it out.

Sparklinglady 11:06 PM, July 08, 2011  

yay Team LUNA Chix MPLS!!!
xoxo from Team LUNA Chix Seattle!

Anonymous,  12:28 AM, July 15, 2011  

Hey there, keen to try this workout. I'm a newbie - could someone explain what "WU on trainer" means and also what the 30 hard, 30 easy means.

Steve Stenzel 8:37 AM, July 15, 2011  

Hey Anonymous:

WU just means "warm up." So take it easy and work your way into the workout without over-doing it right away.

And then the 30 hard / 30 easy means 30 *seconds* hard / 30 *seconds* easy. So you'll see most of the bike times are near 9:30 - that's starting off with 30 seconds hard, then 30 seconds easy, repeat, repeat, etc, until you end with 30 seconds hard.

It's a good workout!! Give it a whirl!!

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