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>> Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'm doing fine. I really don't know how I landed on a curb at 22 mph and didn't do MORE damage! Pharmie has always said she's never seen a bruise on me, and she's pretty sure I never bruise. My shoulder and elbow are just a little scraped and sore, and I found out that I also scraped up my hip a little too! (I brushed against a chair and winced a little - then I found a few marks on my hip.)

You've seen the initial road rash photos from during the race in my race report, so here are 2 updates on my leg (the other areas are less dramatic). Here's how it looked just after showering about 6 hours after the race:

And here's how it looked yesterday - 2 days after the race:

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I found 2 big pieces of grass in my armpit hair when I was showering post-race. It was as if a family of bunnies was getting ready to move in.

Someone FINALLY asked about them on Facebook yesterday. Patrick Parish (local rockstar) asked if they were OK. Yes, the shorts are fine. I washed them, and there's HARDLY a sign of any scrape on them - just a slight mark (but no tears or holes) on the left leg.

The award (if there WERE an award) for the best comment on my race report would have to go to local distance runner SteveQ. He said this: "No Port-a-potty shot? No stopping-your-watch-at-the-finish shot? Being a parent's changed you, man." It's true. I forgot to take a porta-potty shot! But maybe one of the race photographers got a photo of me stopping my watch. We'll have to wait and see....

Remember Anne from my race report and from the speed workout in my garage? Here she is waving at Pharmie while heading out on the bike:

It's become tradition in my circle of friends (since IM NOLA 2009) to give a SPANK as you pass them or as they pass you. I told Anne about that, and she was OK with it. I figured based on our start times that I'd be passing her later in the bike or early on the run. Sure enough, just after that sharp turn by St. Thomas on the bike, I caught myself coming up behind her. I didn't know if I should try to spank her, because I didn't want to crash AGAIN! Or make HER crash! So I just snuck in a little "love tap" and a smile. She laughed and said "Heeeyyyyy!!!" as I pulled away.

As we were hanging out for the awards ceremony post-race, I had to take care of Henry:

Just look at this guy:

Yep. Awesome. He did the whole race in just that Speedo.

I snapped a photo of him when I spotted him post-race:

His friends caught me snapping that photo, and they made him turn around and show me his butt. Marta (one of MY friends I was chatting with who does NOT know this guy) jumped right in and started adjusting his race number. I think she gently caressed his bum while she was at it:

Marta's always willing to help a man in a Speedo! ;)

I don't know what the front says, but it must be about George Washington:

You're welcome, ladies (and certain men)

A few of our friends (and my wife's teammates) from Team Evotri were in town for the race. They all had a great time in Mpls / St. Paul!

TriSaraTops, Sweet, Rural Girl, Robby B, and Pharmie (along with Henry)

Sweet decided to race in the Elite wave, and he did really well!! He finished near the middle of all of the Elites in 2:13.

Sweet heading out of T1

Ready to hit the finisher's chute

Rural Girl felt GREAT all race, and rocked her way to a convincing age group win!

Smiling near the finish!

On the podium (she's in the second place spot, but there was a
mix-up and she's now credited with the AG win)

TriSaraTops had a big smile on all day. Here she is ROCKIN the start of her second lap:

Nearing the finish (with local buddy Denny right behind her!)

Robby had a solid race until the last 400 meters or so. Here's Robby leaving T1:

But he looked much MUCH worse as he was nearing the finish line:


He overheated in the closing meters, and had to walk TWICE nearing the chute. In the med tent, he found out he had a temp of 104!! It's funny because they had to take his temperature twice. Well, I guess THAT'S not funny, but guess HOW they took his temp..... ;)

This is funny to everyone BUT Robby.... But seriously ("Butt" seriously), I'm glad you're OK!

Finally, please answer this question for me: Have you heard of cheese curds? No, you don't have to have EATEN cheese curds, but you've at least HEARD of them, right? Well, when Pharmie and I took her teammates to The Chatterbox Pub post-race, we ordered some deep-fried cheese curds. TriSaraTops had NEVER heard of cheese curds! Here's TriSaraTops defending her stance of "I've never heard of these things," while Rural Girl is barraging her with "How have you never heard of cheese curds?!"

What a great day (except for my crash and Robby's anal probing) and a great time with friends (except for the great cheese curd fight of 2011)!

If you haven't read my Examiner articles about the race, CLICK HERE for my interviews with the pros 2 nights before the race, and CLICK HERE for my write-up on the pro and elite race along with results and photos. Thanks everyone!


Unknown 4:08 PM, July 12, 2011  

I really want to know what Washington Had to say about Lincoln.

Anne 4:14 PM, July 12, 2011  

Honored that I am in the same post as poopy diapers, dude in speedo, anal probing and elites. Great write-up Steve :)

Trisaratops 4:58 PM, July 12, 2011  

I would just like to reiterate that the grocery stores here do NOT SELL CHEESE CURDS and the manager looked at me like I was INSANE for asking. I told him I had a "friend visiting from Wisconsin and I needed some..." I had to explain what they were to him, too! HA!

BOO-yah. Permission to retain my Midwestern status granted?


The Triathlon Rx 9:24 PM, July 12, 2011  

You gotta be careful with those love taps... I did that to someone (who I thought was a fellow teammate) on the Greenway, and it was SO not the person I thought. I think "mortified" pretty much summed it up....

I recognize that backdrop - that's MY chatterbox! ;)

Richelle 12:15 AM, July 13, 2011  

I can't believe that guy raced in a speedo. I'm with Alecia... I want to know what the front said.

Congrats to all the Evo peeps! Glad they had fun!

Congrats again to you and I'm happy to read that you're healing well... and that the shorts are ok. ;-)

TriEric 7:29 AM, July 13, 2011  

Even I want to know what George has to say on the front of that speedo....and I'm not that type of guy.

I will support TriSaraTops on the cheese curds...they just don't happen down here in Ohio. I know about them but have never had them. Take it easy on the girl.

Michelle 12:07 PM, July 13, 2011  

Thank you for the American flag pictures!!!!

Lauren 4:14 PM, July 13, 2011  

Where is # 9; the guy who ran with a split right up the back of his tri shorts?

I know I wasn't the only one who was passed by him (and then immediately gave my own shorts a once-over just to make sure they were all there)

trimybest 5:37 PM, July 13, 2011  

Tell robbyb not to be too down about getting his temp taken. Everyone knows the only difference between an oral thermometer and a rectal thermometer is the taste......


SteveQ 10:47 AM, July 14, 2011  

Thanks for the shout out, but, "local distance runner?" My official title is "SteveQ, scourge of the roads and trails."

Amber 8:39 AM, July 20, 2011  

I had never heard of cheese curds until my friend from Iowa educated me... when I was 27 years old! Of course, I *am* from Texas.

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