Winner of the Monkey, and the Goodies from Sugoi and Ryders

>> Friday, April 16, 2010

So I printed off all 155 comments and gave each one a number. Some people got extra numbers if they fanned or followed Sugoi or Ryders Eyewear on Facebook and Twitter. So even though there were only 155 comments, there were 284 numbers. Here's the printouts all numbered:

Instead of drawing numbers from a hat like I usually do, this time I took the "easy" way out. I went to and used their random number generator. I told the lowest number to be 1 and the highest to be 284. I clicked the button, and it gave me 212:

So who was #212?!? It corresponded to a blogger who goes by JF. (Here's the best part. You all know that I love running in my shorty-shorts known as the "bowl full of sunshine," right? Well JF's current post is called "Seriously, Why ARE Running Shorts So Short?" HA!!)

So congrats JF! I hope you enjoy your new Sugoi bike bag, your new Ryders Rockslide sunglasses, and your new Monkey Shake recovery drink!! (If you're not sure what I'm talking about click here to learn more about these prizes that you didn't win. Sorry, but I HAD to rub it in a little...)

One final big THANKS to the people at Sugoi, Ryders Eyewear, and Outside PR for being so generous! Thanks guys! And if you haven't voted in the "Fashion Forward Your Fabulous Fool" Contest, follow that link to check out some hilariously fashion-ignorant guys, and vote for the one that you think deserves some new gear!! (That contest closes tomorrow [Saturday] at midnight.)

Oh, and because it's still Friday, and I usually post funny things on Friday, here's one last good creepy laugh. Turn up the volume, but make sure your boss and/or small children are NOT within earshot. You have been warned.

If you found that as awkwardly hilarious as I did (especially the way he says "yes" at 0:55), go to that YouTube link under the video and check out more of their videos. This one is quite disturbing as well...


Matt Ellenberger 6:20 AM, April 17, 2010  

That piano video reminds me of the chat roulette piano improv guy. Good stuff

Karolien 8:17 AM, April 17, 2010  

Why does it has dutch subtitles and why is "i want to fuck you" translated as "i really like you"? Hmm...

Tyger Lily 9:49 AM, April 17, 2010  

That is the funniest sh*t ever! Thanks for starting my day with a great laugh!

Greenking17 "TRI-harder" 2:12 PM, April 17, 2010  

Congrats to the winner! The shorter the shorts, sometimes the better...depends who your running with!! That video is awesomely disturbing, but that dudes ears are amazing!

Steve Stenzel 4:05 PM, April 17, 2010  

WHAT IS WITH HIS EARS!! They look fake, but I hope they're real! I love him!

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