30 Days of Biking

>> Wednesday, April 07, 2010

About a week ago, I heard about a local movement called “30 Days of Biking”. Their tag line is “We ride our bikes. every. friggin. day.” I was intrigued. So I signed up to take part. Now I have to do SOME sort of biking every day in April. Then I have to tweet about it each day. I figured this was the motivation I needed to get on my bike some more.

Thursday, April 1st:
Marie and hit the track for a killer duathlon workout:

Friday, April 2nd:
Pharmie and I headed out for a quick 15 mile ride as the sun was starting to set:

Afterwards while I was stretching, Ella came and plopped in my lap:

Don't get excited: that's her tail...

Saturday, April 3rd:
Pharmie and I headed out to spend time with family over the weekend. So there was going to be NO good bike workout. But I managed to find my nephew’s trike (which was my old trike when I was little), and I did a few laps around my parent’s garage:

“There’s no way you can make that thing go” you say?

“You just posed for that photo” you say?

“You didn’t actually ride that” you say?

Well, I have a video that proves otherwise:


Sunday, April 4th:
Again, still home with the family. But when we got back to the Cities, I hopped on the trainer for a minute and snapped a very “Easter-y” photo:

Tulips, hard-boiled Easter eggs, and left-over Easter ham

Monday, April 5th:
I never bike on Monday - I’m always too busy. But I managed to fit in a 30 minute Spinerval tempo workout on the trainer. (That’s what I like about this idea of “30 days of biking:” it will force me to think about biking every day no matter what.) Here I am after my final interval, and I was REALLY huffing and REALLY sweaty:

Tuesday, April 6th:
Yesterday, I WANTED to go for a long(ish) ride in the mid-afternoon, but it was chilly and raining. No thanks. Pharmie and I were going to do a trainer ride last night, but when she heard that I already had gone on a 10.5 mile run yesterday morning, she lost all motivation. I HAD good intentions; I had my water and my Nuun all ready to go:

But instead, we did some ab-work in the living room and called it a night. (But the ab-work DID include bicycles, so does that count?...)

I’m not sure what I’ll do today (with regards to biking), but I know I’d like to go for a nice long(ish) ride tomorrow. We’ll see. Click here to learn more about the "30 Days of Biking."

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Jford 7:55 AM, April 07, 2010  

This is a great idea! I sooo need to amp up my biking volume!

teacherwoman 7:59 AM, April 07, 2010  

Way to get creative when the bike isn't always accessible! :)

Christi 8:26 AM, April 07, 2010  

Good luck! I love the trike pics!

Bullet 8:31 AM, April 07, 2010  

Is that your thong in the background of the easter photo? I think it is!

Suzy 8:31 AM, April 07, 2010  

My kids loved watching you on the trike! It was a great video.

What kind of trainer do you have? I can't find the info on your blog (but then, I didn't look TOO hard).

Coach Liz 8:39 AM, April 07, 2010  

That sweaty photo of you is half bad porn, half pre-hurl.

Great trike skillz!

Steve Stenzel 8:39 AM, April 07, 2010  

Bullet, YES, that is my thong! Good eye! That's where it hangs during the non-trainer season.

And Suzy, I have an old hand-me-down trainer. Oh jeez, I can't even think of what it is. Pharmie has a newer CycleOps trainer that she likes quite a bit, but mine is nothing fancy. But it still gets the job done.

(Pharmie, if you read this, do you know what kind of trainer I have?....)

Aimee 10:34 AM, April 07, 2010  

What a cool idea! Oh, and you on the trike is hilarious! :)

Jenny Evans 11:08 AM, April 07, 2010  

That was some serious aero position on that trike....

Jamie 12:17 PM, April 07, 2010  

Your thong is showing Steve.


Rachel 2:25 PM, April 07, 2010  

Sounds like a fun challenge! Small world--pretty sure Marie may work for the same instution that I do as she looks very familiar.

Mike 12:01 PM, April 08, 2010  

There is a picture of your trainer in the entry "Killer Duathlon Workout at the Track" but I can't make out the words.

Steve Stenzel 2:02 PM, April 08, 2010  

Suzy, I FINALLY checked my trainer. I have a Blackburn. It's not fancy, but it's all I need!

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