Correction, Amendment, and a Half Marathon

>> Saturday, April 24, 2010

In my Mudball race report, I noted that I started in a pack of 5, and was running in 3rd by the time we finished the first loop (the first mile). I was mistaken. I got that mixed up with the end of the SECOND loop. Here’s a photo of our pack of 5 finishing the FIRST loop:

That’s the eventual winner (#3), the guy who beat me by 1 spot the last 2 years (#259), Michael (AKA Rocco, #222) who’s affiliated with the MDRA, me currently running in 4th, and David (#233) the super friendly high-schooler who’s been getting into multi-sport lately. It wasn’t until part way through the next loop that I passed Michael.

(Side note: Michael, AKA Rocco, writes many of the posts on Run Minnesota, the blog that goes along with MDRA magazine, which is also called “Run Minnesota.” I like his sassy, self-deprecating style of writing. Here’s his write-up for the MDRA Mudball. Check it out.)

I forgot to mention something in my race report. Around the 2.5 or 3.5 mile point of the race, I was getting ready to pass a man and a woman. As I was coming around the guy, he turned to spit. He spit over his left shoulder JUST AS he saw me there. Right away, he said “Oh jeez! I’m sorry!!” I just laughed and said “No problem! You missed me! Ha!” (At the doughnut run 2 years ago, I was actually spit on. And that’s extra gross because we all had mouthfuls of doughnuts...)

Half Marathon:
They’re talking some rain for today’s half marathon. Shoot. I hope to wear the “bowl full of sunshine” shorts for the race:

Running in WI 2 years ago

But we’ve learned (the hard way) that those shorts turn to cling-wrap when they get wet:

I wanted to surprise Rural Girl with the shorts. She ALWAYS rolls her eyes at me when I wear those things. Fun Fact: Two years ago, it was Rural Girl that dubbed those shorts the “bowl full of sunshine.” She saw me in those for the second time, and said something like, “Oh, those things are hilarious. They’re just like a big ole’ bowl full of sunshine.” And the name has stuck. Thanks Rural Girl! I hope to bust them out today for you!! ;)

Good luck to Robby, Stu, Rural Girl, and my lovely Pharmie who are all racing in the Pine Line Half Marathon with me today! (There's a good chance that the 5 of us will make up around 10% of the race! Really!) Check my Twitter page this afternoon, as I hope to be able to tweet how we all did!! Here we go!!!


drdave 11:47 AM, April 24, 2010  

Rain or not, hope you do well!

Must be a tad warmer than here in MI. Not sure I would be running in the short shorts yet.

X-Country2 11:59 AM, April 24, 2010  

Hopefully the weather stays great. Good luck!

Cyborg Queen 8:29 PM, April 24, 2010  

WTG with your PR!!! I don't know why, but the picture of you with the Bowl of Sunshine and your speedy run makes me think of Mighty Mouse. :-) Technically, he was wearing red undies, but you do have something in red to cover your...*#$%$. :-)

Cape is in store perhaps?!

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