Easter Egg Boot Camp

>> Tuesday, April 06, 2010

This Easter, John and Stevan (2 of Pharmie's uncles) put on the first "Easter Egg Boot Camp." They made all the cousins do boot camp exercises before giving them clues as to where 3 eggs were hidden on my in-laws farm. The first 2 eggs contained about $10 each, and the final egg contained around $20. (Aunts, uncles, and older cousins chipped in a few bucks to make this happen.)

Before the Easter Egg Boot Camp happened, there was just the "regular" Easter Egg Hunt. I got to the party just as Kate was receiving help from some of her cousins to try to get one of her eggs out of a tree:

It didn't end well:

So they told ME to get on Annie's shoulders. OK:

I got the egg down (and was rewarded with a Twix and a 3 Musketeers), and then RIGHT after this photo was taken, I awkwardly landed on Annie (crotch-first):

As "Boot Camp" was ready to start, I was "playing" with Pharmie's godchild, Grace. This is how we play:

We lined up for Boot Camp:

The first task was to run 3 laps around the house. Kate and I took off right away:

I really, really, honestly have no idea what I'm doing here. But whatever it was, it got me in front of Kate:

It wouldn't be a Linder get-together if someone didn't have to say "Here, hold my drink..."

Next was a bunch of jumping-jacks:

Then we were told to "walk like a chicken" for 60 seconds:

Oh yeah, Pharmie even got some video:


Next were some burpees. I don't know what all the other slackers were doing, but I was getting some sweet, sweet air:

(And by "sweet, sweet air," I mean "1.5 inches of air."

We got the final clue for the first egg, and I was SOOOO excited, that I nearly wet myself:

The first clue was something about it being near my father-in-law's heater for his shop. The second clue was about it being north of that. The third clue was about it being near some stacked wood (back near the grove). And the final clue was something about 5 logs laying in a row, and it was under the "head" of the 5. I sprinted off with Ben on my tail. I came back victorious:

That's right. I had just won $8.69. Buy a round on me, fellas.*

There were still 2 more eggs out there. Next on the roster was some sort of crab-crawl:

And then a 2 minute plank:

The final clue was given for the second egg, and they were off!!!

Mikey, the one in red, came back with that egg. Nice work!

To start the final round, everyone had to hold a leg-lift for 60 seconds:

Then do some "mountain-climbers" (as John barked out the cadence):

Then do some push-ups:

The next clue was something about the sand-box, so there was some furious digging:

Everyone came up empty-handed, so next were some "T" push-ups"

Everyone gathered around for the final clue. This was the last chance to find the $20 egg. They were given the clue and they were off:

Krista (the tall one in the yellow-striped shirt in the middle of that last shot) came up with the winning egg. Good times at Easter!

So the "Easter Egg Boot Camp" went down in my training log as 15:00 of strength training. That counts, right? I think so. ;)

John and Stevan, thanks for the fun way to burn off Easter dinner! Can't wait until the 2011 "Easter Egg Boot Camp!"

* Actually, that 8 bucks is going into my "Chipotle fund." That's a chicken burrito and chips and salsa! Score!


Anonymous,  7:02 AM, April 06, 2010  

That's hillarious! Good job getting the first egg, Steve! Can't believe everyone was such a good sport about all the activities, good for them!

Matt Ellenberger 8:19 AM, April 06, 2010  

That sounds amazing. I wish our family did something like that

Christi 8:20 AM, April 06, 2010  

What a great idea and it looks like tons of fun!

Psyche 8:49 AM, April 06, 2010  

That was a lot of fun to read. Great photos! As usual!

X-Country2 8:57 AM, April 06, 2010  

You upper Midwest folks are kind of weird. :o)

Just kidding. Looks like fun!

Iron Girl Nyhus 9:05 AM, April 06, 2010  

What a fab idea!!!! Can I come to your next family event?

Sarah 9:23 AM, April 06, 2010  

Oh. My. Lanta! I am totally stealing idea... Hmmm... Maybe 4th of July.

Fun family and I love the "hold my drink shot"

Alili 3:00 PM, April 06, 2010  

Looks like THE BEST Easter Egg hunt ever!

CoachLiz 4:36 PM, April 06, 2010  

What fun! My family gathering are not big enough to do that.

Char 5:16 PM, April 06, 2010  

What a great idea. Looked like it was heaps of fun.

The boy in the blue t-shirt needs to do a bit more core work - his plank technique was shameful

Anonymous,  6:31 PM, April 06, 2010  

Hey Steve:
Nice job on the blog and putting the pictures together. Thanks Sarah for doing a great job on the pics. It was a fun day as always and the blog is a great way to remember it. Note: This was actually our 2nd annual Easter Egg Hunt Boot Camp. I had forgotten that we had done that until I was asked to do it (on short notice) again this year. Had to drag John in on it as a partner in crime - he does such a great job on the clue rhymes. We will try to perfect it for next year. ~ Stevan

Julie 7:45 PM, April 06, 2010  

I want to hang out with you for Easter!! That looks like a flipping blast:) I enjoyed the pictures Steve!

Stefanie 8:17 PM, April 06, 2010  

How on earth did every one agree to that? :)

Steve Stenzel 8:25 PM, April 06, 2010  

Stevan - I didn't know this was the second time! Pharmie and I didn't make it to Linder Easter last year.

Well, at any rate, I can't wait for the THIRD "Easter Egg Boot Camp" next year!

prashant 8:43 PM, April 10, 2010  

That sounds amazing. I wish our family did something like that
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Gordon 2:33 PM, April 12, 2010  

That's absolutely hysterical. The U.S. wouldn't be in the poor shape we're in if there were more families like the Linders!

Anonymous,  5:55 PM, July 24, 2010  

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Anonymous,  7:17 PM, July 24, 2010  

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