Friday Funny 89: Awkwardness and Pizza Rolls

>> Friday, April 23, 2010

That’s what I always say...

And I don’t know why this made me laugh so hard:

Half marathon tomorrow morning in Medford WI with Stu, Robby, Rural Girl, and Pharmie!! Wish us luck!! I've heard rumors that there is internet access in Podunk WI, so I'll update my Twitter account with how I did. Here goes nuthin!!!


Christi 3:10 PM, April 23, 2010  

Good luck to everyone at the race tomorrow! Go kick some a$$!

Aimee 4:18 PM, April 23, 2010  

Good luck tomorrow!

Suzy 4:51 PM, April 23, 2010  

GL tomorrow! And...don't knock podunk WI.

Jennifer Harrison 6:25 PM, April 23, 2010  

You are doing that 1/2 M up there too! Wow, lots of you racing! GOOD LUCK!...and please warm up. :)

CoachLiz 7:44 PM, April 23, 2010  

Good Luck tomorrow! I will keep up on Twit or FB to see how you did.

TriEric 6:47 AM, April 24, 2010  

My wife and I laughed out loud with the pizza roll book.

Then she hid my gun.

Good luck at the half mary.

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