Prizes for the "Fashion-Forward Your Fabulous Fool" Contest

>> Monday, April 05, 2010

Let’s cut to the chase: the top 3 winners in the "Fashion-Forward Your Fabulous Fool" Contest will ALL win a Sugoi Velocity Tri Suit ($225 value)! I love mine! I’ve raced in mine for about a year, and you’ve seen it a lot here on my blog. I first wore it at the Apple Duathlon. Then I wore it for every triathlon last summer: Liberty Oly, Chisago Lakes Sprint, and St. Croix Valley Oly. I even wore it at those 2 little “Splash and Dash” events that I did.

At the Liberty Oly and the Chisago Lakes Sprint

So here’s how the prizes breakdown in the "Fashion-Forward Your Fabulous Fool" Contest:

• Third Place will win a Sugoi Velocity Tri Suit, and Ryders Drill Sunglasses. That’s over $250 in new gear! Here’s the tri suit (in a different color) that I was wearing in the photos above:

And here are the Ryders Drill Sunglasses:

BTW, I’ve worn my Drills for my last 2 PRs - during the Lake Joanna 4 Miler (22:42), and during the Human Race 5K (17:11):

With Pharmie before the 4 Miler, and heading to the finish at the 5K

• Second Place will win the same things as third place (a Sugoi Velocity Tri Suit and Ryders Drill Sunglasses), and they’ll ALSO get a Sugoi Piccadilly Jersey. That’s nearly $400 in sweet, new gear! I showed photos of the tri suit and the sunglasses above, and here’s what that Piccadilly Jersey looks like:

That’s a great “makeover” for second place! Nice gear!

• First Place will win the same gear as second place (a Sugoi Velocity Tri Suit, Ryders Drill Sunglasses, and a Sugoi Piccadilly Jersey), and they’ll ALSO get a pair of Ryders Hijack Sunglasses, Sugoi Piccadilly Arm Warmers, and a pair of Sugoi Piccadilly Bib Shorts! That’s over $600 in great gear for your total bike / tri makeover! There are photos of the tri suit, the jersey, and the Drill sunglasses above, so here’s what the additional prizes for first place look like:

Ryders Hijack Sunglasses

Sugoi Piccadilly Bib Bike Shorts

Sugoi Piccadilly Arm Warmers

So, click here to see how to enter you or your man in the "Fashion-Forward Your Fabulous Fool" Contest.

(And no, I’m NOT trying to be sexist by just having this contest open to the guys! Like I said in the rules, Outside PR contacted me for the giveaway, and said they have a bunch of gear for guys to giveaway. It was all Devon’s idea! [And she’s a girl.] I just wanted to point that out. Sorry ladies - this one’s for the guys. But, as you’ll see in the rules, the guys need a woman to enter for them, so enter your man!!)

And a BIG THANKS to the people at Outside PR, Sugoi, and Ryders for all this great gear. And please click here for the rules and how to enter your man.

Oh, and just a little "heads-up:" there will be a mini-giveaway sometime over the next 10 days for ANYONE. I do this a lot during giveaways. You won't need to enter anything - you'll just need to comment. So keep an eye out for that...)


SteveQ 11:14 AM, April 05, 2010  

Oh please - arm panties as a prize for fashion victims? Guess my 25 year-old New Zealand brand shorts won't make it into the contest, after all.

Lesley 2:29 PM, April 05, 2010  

Since i don't have an active guy to enter the contest for...I'll go the comment route to see if i can be the 'anyone' who could win.
love your blog! love your goals!

Steve Stenzel 9:10 AM, April 07, 2010  

Lesley, look for the "quick" giveaway next week. This isn't it. But it's coming......

prashant 8:44 PM, April 10, 2010  

That sounds amazing. I wish our family did something like that
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Anonymous,  8:58 PM, April 10, 2010  

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