GREAT Stretch of "Every Other Day" Strength Workouts

>> Tuesday, April 07, 2020

I realized 10 days ago when I posted about the previous week of running that I was on a big streak of "upper body" one day followed by "core and legs" the next day. When I looked back, I saw that this every-other day streak started over 7 weeks ago in MID-FEBRUARY the day after I missed a workout because I spent a night in Jay Cooke State Park with my boys.

Here's my calendar looking back through that point. Everything after the day we were "up north" (Feb 13) was upper body one day, and core and legs the next:

(That calendar shows a lot more: it shows me in my boot and on my scooter for the first 3.5 weeks, then 1.5 weeks of me swimming and working out at my gym, and then the final 3 weeks are all "at home" workouts as everything is shut down due to COVID-19. That's 3 VERY distinct sections of time.)

When I posted about my foot being a little sore 10 days ago, I questioned if it wasn't because I was coming off a week of leg exercises one day (Sun/Tu/Th/Sat), followed by running the next (M/W/F). So my foot never got TOTAL rest any day.

I finally changed that around this weekend. Saturday (the 4th) was a normal upper body day. Which meant Sunday should have been legs and core, and then Monday should have more upper body. But instead I kept Sunday at JUST legs, and then Monday at JUST core. So I can do my regular Wed and Fri runs this week and then do core/legs later those same days. WORK my legs/foot one day, and then REST it the next. That won't be a magical fix, but I think it's a bit smarter. (And it allows my weekends to be a little more stretched out and act as a bit more as general rest as well.)


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