Friday Funny 1253: Dumb Arguments

>> Friday, March 31, 2017

22words recently shared some of the dumbest reasons people got into arguments. Here are 24 of them:

Shoot. It's the first one, and I'm already stumped.

This is simply called "marriage."

Oh jeez... this one's good too.


True. Unless you have a bratty kid or bratty cat.

This one's just dumb. It's common knowledge that it's blue.


Man, how nerdy can you be?

Was it a yellow bikini with polka dots, or a bikini (of unknown color) with yellow polka dots?
I actually always pictured it the opposite of this photo: white, with yellow polka dots.



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SteveQ 12:14 PM, April 01, 2017  

My most recent: "Couldn't they have cut 8 hours out of the Lord of the Rings movies if the eagles at the end were used at the start?"

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