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>> Saturday, April 01, 2017

Here are 12 photos that show a bit about the last 2 weeks of our life. Many of these are from my Instagram page, but a few are photos my wife posted on Facebook:

Charlie helping me get Henry's training wheels on his new bike.
If there are tools involved, Charlie's there.

Planting our veggies. Everything since has emerged!
(And Henry's drawing of a tomato and a leaf looks a LITTLE like a ball gag...)

At the Drs. for the 3rd time in 4 nights. Charlie maybe had strep.
Henry maybe did too. Maybe on his skin. Maybe chicken pox. No one knew.

We used my cast iron pan for 6 different things this day, over about 3 hours.
We ended with homemade black bean burgers, and donut balls!

Apple fritters with an apple cider glaze!

Being they didn't know what was wrong with Henry, he had to
stay home for 2 days in case he was contagious. Day one had a
big 2-hour hike down by Minnehaha Falls.

And day 2 had a big hike by Hidden Falls where we played in the woods a lot.

Charlie walked over my man-bits just after this photo was taken. And I didn't drop Henry. Whew.

Charlie picked out the biggest pineapple while shopping with Mama.

I spent my spring break home with (a not really sick) Henry, and I also
got this guy potty trained! We had 3 accidents over the first week, and
2 were my fault for not taking him sooner. He's in undies now!

They wanted to "help" put the chocolate chips in the "pancakes." AKA: their faces.

Henry had a half day yesterday. I asked him what to do for the afternoon.
He wanted Cossetta's pizza, free pinball at Blue Sun Soda Shop,
and then he wanted to crack walnuts with a hammer. Nice.

Here's more photos from our trip to Blue Sun Soda, along with my haul of sodas that I brought home. (Henry got some candy too, but I didn't note that in that post.) Happy weekend!


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