Possibly Coldest Run with a Child (and some of my 4 a.m. photos)

>> Saturday, March 11, 2017

Yesterday morning, Charlie and I went for a run along the Greenway in Mpls, and I posted this on Instagram:

Caption: "The weathershield makes a 4 degree (12 below windchill) run very cozy.
5.3 miles at 7:00 pace. Charlie was warmer/happier than dad."

Charlie got a bit crabby, but only because he got bored. We got done and he was perfectly warm. That might be my coldest run with either of my boys. Five years ago, Henry and I often went on 60+ min runs when it was around 20 degrees, but I don't think we did much below 10 degrees.

And speaking of Instagram, I started another account besides my "normal" stevestenzel user. You can also find me as photostenzel, and I'm currently sharing a lot of my 4 a.m. photos. Please follow me!

photostenzel on Instagram.

Happy weekend!


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