3 Random Things (and another injury)

>> Saturday, January 07, 2017

FIRST: Too many race shirts!

This past week, I've worked on cleaning out my drawers and closet. Yesterday, I took a laundry basket PACKED of my no-longer-worn clothes to Goodwill. Among shorts and hats and random stuff like that, it also contained 37 race t-shirts! (And we actually just used a bunch of race t-shirts for 2 giant "t-shirt quilts" that we're making, so these 37 were left overs after THAT!)

In cleaning my closet, I discovered 2 things: first, I think the "Winter Be Gone Duathlon" that we did in 2008 and 2009 went under because of how ugly their race shirts were:

My God. It's like a bunch of clip art designs had a horrible, illegitimate child.
And then that child ate a lot of old cheese and barfed on a shirt.

And second, I found my long-lost "Weinerland" shirt so I can look like a perv again:

SECOND: Beardless Steve.

Two days ago, I finally shaved off my beard. I had it for nearly 10 weeks, trimmed it a few times, and the other night I finally did this:

Caption from Instagram: "I immediately regret this decision."

I fluffed it up for that shot. That makes it look extra disgusting and pube-like. Here was the difference between "fluffed" and "controlled:"

It was in need of another trim, but I just shaved it all off. My wife actually admitted a week ago that it looks good on me. But she didn't like kissing it. And I enjoy kissing my wife, so therefore it was time for the beard to go. See you again in a few years, good buddy.

THIRD: A new injury.

Tuesday, I hit the trainer for a short ride. Everything was fine, but 30 mins after my ride, I had an ache in my left knee. I iced it, and it was all better. The next morning, I went for a run, and it started to hurt before the end. I iced it again, and it hurt the rest of the day. The pain was first below and to the inside of my knee, but then it would move around: across the top and on the outside of my knee too. I figured because the pain was moving around that it was a good thing - I didn't have SHARP pain in just one area where I may have hurt one thing. So I haven't done anything with my legs since then, and it's still a bit achy.

I realized what maybe happened. Monday night, I went for a run as it was starting to get a bit icy outside. I didn't slip or hurt anything, but maybe running "stiff" on a slick surface angered something in my knee. I'm hoping a few days rest while icing it a few times a day will get me back on track. I'm HOPING to do an indoor tri next weekend! We'll see...

Back with some training updates (pre knee-tweek) shortly. Happy weekend!


Luis Fernando Oliveira 4:36 PM, January 07, 2017  

Man, has anyone told you to get away from those heavy shoes that you run with? You're a light guy, no need for that mountain of EVA + plastic crap and the added weight it represents. No need to go overboard , but you should really try something on the minimalistic side, with small drops and as light as possible.

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