A Good Swim and a Good Run

>> Monday, January 09, 2017

Here's what the last 2 weeks of training looked like:

You can see that I ended this past week with just some strength training because as I noted in my weekend post, I think I tweeked my left knee on my Monday night run, and it hurt after my 45 min trainer ride on Tuesday.

My swim 2 weeks ago was a good one. I was just a SLIGHTLY longer version of this CSS ladder workout that I did on December 11. This workout 2 weeks ago was 100, 200, 300, 400, 200, 100. I wanted to get in that 400, but I didn't want to swim too far, so I skipped the 300 on the "way down." I was going to try to keep it at my CSS pace of 1:30/100. And I did everything with short (20 sec) rest as per the idea of CSS workouts (where you don't go SUPER hard, but you keep the rests short, so the workout starts easier and then really seems to drag out).

Here's what I swam:

1:30.37, 1:29.93 = 3:00.30
1:28.20, 1:32.05, 1:30.43 = 4:30.68
1:28.65, 1:31.96, 1:31.07, 1:29.13 = 6:00.81
1:28.63, 1:29.73 = 2:58.36

In my ladder swim on December 11, I averaged 1:30.05/100. In this workout that was slightly longer, I averaged 1:29.65/100. Nice. And I kept my longer intervals on pace without letting them slow up too much.

And then I had a solid 2x2 mile treadmill interval run last Wednesday (when my knee ached again and was my last real workout). The interesting thing about doing this workout on a treadmill is if you WANT to just keep getting faster, you can DO that. After a 1 mile warm up and then 3 minutes of walking, I did the intervals with half mile splits that look like this:

2:59, 2:57, 2:54, 2:53 = 11:45
3:00 walking
2:56, 2:53, 2:50, 2:47 = 11:28

(Started #1 at 10.0 mph, up to 10.5 by the end. Started #2 at 10.2 mph, was a 10.5 by mile 1, and 10.7 at the end. Could have ended harder, but just kept it strong.)

That felt good.

Now, let's get this knee healed up to keep things going. HOPING to do the YWCA Indoor Tri this weekend, but that may not happen. "Test run" coming up maybe tomorrow.


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