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>> Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Here's what our men's team results look like from O'Gara's 8K Irish Run:

The men's team was 9th out of 11 teams, and our women's team was 11th out of 12. USATF team scoring needs at least 5 runners, and it adds up the finishing time of the first 5 finishers to get the team time. In our top 5, I hadn't met #2, 3, or 5 before. So I'll post some photos below showing pics of my team finishing the race.

If you've ever thought that I'm "kinda" fast, these team results will show you how wrong you were! Sure, I was the first runner for my team, but how would I do if I were on other teams? Not only would I NOT have been a "scoring" member of the first 2 teams (Run N Fun and Mill City), but I would have ended up 13th and 15th on those teams! The 5th place team is the first team I would have been able to score on, and my team has the slowest first place time (me) of ANY of the male teams. So I'm the "worst" best runner out there for USATF MN. Yay me.

Here's some of my team as seen in Tom R's album of racers:

The horribly awesome photos of me and Evan as seen in my race report.

John (AKA Alex) was 3rd for our team (616), and Eric was 2nd (590).

Heather was 3rd on our female team, and her hubby Steve was 4th on our male team.
(They have a daughter who Henry likes to play with at the Y.)

Jordan was 5th and Jacob was 6th for our team.

Scott and Mike.

Lara was our first place female!

Leslie (who's a HOOT) and Laurie behind #326 (who's my favorite trainer at the Y).

Those photos are missing 2 of our men and 2 of our woman. Here's a photo from Nicole C of one of the missing women: this is Rose, our team founder!

Oh, and speaking of Tom R and his photos, Tom also posted all the photos he could find of the MDRA "Grand Prix" racers and their rank in the race, with a comment along the lines of "It's good to know what your rivals look like!" I love it. Here's the first 2 sets of photos from the 8K:

Place 1-5
1 28 619 Alan Twomey M 30 27:29 27:28 5:31.5 Minneapolis
2 31 508 Brent Roeger M 44 27:44 27:41 5:34.1 Minneapolis
3 51 484 Mathieu Preuss M 31 28:49 28:45 5:47.0 Roseville
4 65 582 Steve Stenzel M 35 29:24 29:20 5:54.0 St. Paul
5 66 503 Evan Roberts M 41 29:28 29:24 5:54.9 Minneapolis

Place 6-10
6 73 90 Nathan Campeau M 36 30:03 30:00 6:02.1 Minneapolis
7 83 362 Rick Larsen M 54 30:32 30:27 6:07.5 Minnetonka (No picture)
8 87 89 Gerald Butler M 44 30:39 30:36 6:09.3 Lakeville
9 105 85 Paul Brown M 58 31:16 31:11 6:16.4 Waconia
10 106 490 Kari Putterman F 26 31:17 31:14 6:17.0 Minneapolis

Tom posted 9 sets of photos like this (along with the results of everyone in the photos) after going through all of his nearly 300 photos (that someone else shot for him as he was racing) and finding as many of the Grand Prix racers that he could. Awesome!

See all of Tom's photos here, and here's my Irish Run 8K race report.


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