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>> Monday, March 07, 2016

So Tri Fitness in White Bear Lake is having me giveaway another race entry after I did so for the "Half Fast" Half Marathon last month. This one is for the "Camp Wannarunamileormore" Half Marathon coming up on April 9th.

On the race website, it states this:

There are so many reasons to run this beautiful course. Run this certified course for a better corral placement at Twin Cities Marathon, run it to make sure you are ready for Grandma's Marathon, or run it for fun. Know that a portion of the proceeds goes to send kids to run camps or to be able to participate in track and cross country. Enjoy lake views while you run. The half marathon course runs around Bald Eagle Lake and through the gently rolling hills to Lino Lakes and back. The 11k runs around beautiful Bald Eagle Lake. The 5k is an out and back on the quiet and scenic roads around Bald Eagle Lake. We welcome all abilities of runner allowing up to 3 hours to complete the half. All finishers receive a finisher medal as well as a technical finisher shirt.

I want to point out 3 things:

• The half marathon is an official "Wave 1 Qualifier" for the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon. Nice. So that means it's USATF certified too.

• It falls into most people's Grandma's Marathon training plans well. Doing Grandma's? Consider this race.

• There are 4 race options: a Half Marathon, 11K, 5K, and Fun Run. I'll be doing the 11K or half. (Probably the 11K.) The giveaway coming up is JUST for the half because they want to highlight the first point I made above. And that it's a beautiful course.


FIRST: "like" Tri Fitness on Facebook. It's mandatory. So do it. Stop pouting.

SECOND: Leave a specific comment on this blog post. Tri Fitness is trying to learn something from you, so if you want to enter, have your comment answer what are the main factors that determine races you register for? You might also want to "sign" your comment so I know who you are if you should win.

I'll pick a winner sometime early next week (around the 14th or 15th), so make sure to check back, ESPECIALLY if you don't have a Blogger or Google account because I might not be able to get a hold of you.

Pseudo-legal stuff:
- You may comment now on this post through the end of Saturday, March 12th.
- The winner will be chosen at random by a random number generator or by drawing numbers out of a hat.
- Check back to see if you won! Especially if you don't have a Google/Blogger account.
- If the winner does not contact me within 3 days after being announced, I'll be forced to draw a new winner. So check back and KEEP checking back in case the winner is lame!
- And as always, Tri Fitness has not told me to say anything specific (except to point out that it's a "wave 1 qualifier"). These words are my own. They are just giving me an entry, and they are giving an entry to one of my lucky readers.

A final big THANKS to Tri Fitness in White Bear Lake for the race entry! Check them out HERE, and like them on Facebook! Hope to race with you in just under 5 weeks!

Comment NOW (answering the question above) to be entered!


Steve Stenzel 7:32 AM, March 07, 2016  

Let me get these comments started on the right track, answering the question "what are the main factors that determine races you register for?" For me, it's about timing and price. If it fits into my training and it's pretty inexpensive, I'll jump all over it. (However, I will pay more for a "good" race, like the LTF Tri for example.) Race shirts and medals don't matter much to me.

Doc 10:40 AM, March 07, 2016  

I liked the page and here I am to answer the question: I care that the race is inexpensive but well run. I do a lot of Final Stretch events for this reason (not to say they are the best, but to give you an idea of a company who is doing things generally in my price bracket). I also care that they are advertised well enough that I know they exist. I had no idea about this company Tri Fitness until Steve started posting things! I tend to sign up for endurance races, but it's fun to have company, so I like to see a race with a distance option concurrent to a shorter option. Unlike Steve, I will not pay more for a LTF event. I live in Winona and have some pretty strong (negative) feedback about Trinona since LTF took over. I actually skip Trinona now and do Rochesterfest a week or so later because it's a similar race that is run better, cheaper, and more efficiently.

Those are my opinions. I'd love to run that half mary and try out one of this company's races!

Nichole Porath 5:17 PM, March 08, 2016  

Hi, Steve! Long time reader, first time commenter since if I switch training weekends around, this race would work perfectly as the long, HARD effort my coach wants me to do. So -- to answer the giveaway question, I look for relatively inexpensive races (don't care about the swag, would rather have them cheaper!) that align with my training plan. If I have a long MP or tempo workout scheduled for a weekend, I'll look for a race to help me through it. I also look for local races to support the Northfield/Faribault running community. Oh, and I hate to say it, but it's true! I look for cool "prizes" - please, race directors, forgo the finishers medals! Some neat ideas for overall/AG awards: gift certificates or chamber bucks, flower bouquet (what a cool idea!), food for Thanksgiving races, cash, free entry into next year's race, handmade pottery, handmade christmas ornaments... tying to think of other ideas, but that's all I have for now!

roughkat 10:11 PM, March 09, 2016  

I usually pick races based on the distance and timing. My favorite is trail ultras, but like to do marathons or halfs on the roads too.

Katie 10:24 PM, March 09, 2016  

I love races that support a charity. When I started doing 5ks, my sister and I would find one a month to support. I also prefer pretty routes that aren't too crowded. I've now done 4 different Thanksgiving races and Fast Before the Feast is my favorite because it's for a good cause and isn't too crowded.

Katie B 10:02 PM, March 10, 2016  

When I contemplate registering for races I consider several factors:
-have I run this race before (or has a friend?) and did I (or the friend) enjoy it enough to want to run it again?
-the date (does it work with my schedule; what is the weather probably going to be; how does this race fit into whatever marathon/other race I'm training for);
-the cost ($$$ are being closely monitored, so the less $ a race costs, the more races I can run...or the more running shoes/clothes I can buy :) );
-the location (how far will I need to drive; what is the parking situation--do I need to PAY to park on top of the race fee; if it's a winter race, is there a warm place to hang out inside);
-the course (is it scenic or interesting? have I run in this area before? what is the crowd support like? are there aid stations and bathrooms along the course?--my mind/gut is always happier when it knows a bathroom is available just in case....)
-the swag (this is of lowest import, but if the race is known for awesome, high quality gear, that is a plus)

Tap 1:41 PM, March 11, 2016  

Good swag is definitely a reason I pick races, but overall I'll race more if the price is right. I love to try out new races that are close to home. Oh and if there's beer at the finish I'll definitely be racing. :)

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