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>> Tuesday, March 08, 2016

These are NOT all the races that I'm GOING TO RACE, but these are ones on my radar:

(The RED races are ones where there are 2 the same day. I'm leaning towards
"Get in Gear" on 4/30 and the "Cinco DU Mayo" Duathlon on 5/7.)

The first 3 columns are all running races. I'm doing the Minnesota Distance Running Association's "Grand Prix" series again this year (1st column), AND I just joined the running team at my gym. So I'll be trying to do a few races in the USATF series (3rd column) to score points for my team. Many of those races are the same for both (2nd column) so that 2nd column could be considered my "most important" running races.

Notice there aren't any triathlons on my calendar. I'm OK giving up a year of triathlons (because I'm not swimming) to get my elbow/forearm healed. There's a CHANCE I could do a late-summer sprint and survive it.

I don't have many real "A" races on that list. I want to be in good shape for the early Cinco Du, so that's maybe my top race! I hope to do Oakdale Du again the week after that. And then if my legs stay healthy, I'd love to really be in good shape for a fast race at one of my favorite races: the TC 10 Mile in October. Other than that, my "A" race is to just stay healthy to race!

Well, we'll see how many of these races I end up doing in the next 9 months. Up next is the "Lake Johanna 4 Mile" on Saturday. I'll be racing with my boys! Oh, and if you missed yesterday's post, I'm giving away an entry to the CampWannaRunAMileOrMore half, so check it out! That race is in 4.5 weeks if you're interested.


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