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>> Saturday, March 05, 2016

I LIFTED WEIGHTS THIS WEEK!! First real time doing that since early June of last year (about 9 months).

I saw one of my doctors this past week. Here's some of his thoughts on my forearm issues:

• I can lift weights without damaging it. It's all the day-to-day stuff with my boys and my computer that keep aggravating it. So I'll CAREFULLY lift maybe 2 times a week. I can do versions of most every muscle without hurting my arm (except lats). When I stopped lifting last year, my normal chest routine was 8x135, 8x155, 5-8x175, 8-12x135. This past week, I did 3x(15x95), and I'm still a bit sore 3 days later.

• "Swimming" would be OK, but not "training." So I'm not going to swim yet. Doing like 2:00/100 pace for 1500 wouldn't hurt it much (he thinks), but doing 15x100 at 1:25 wouldn't be smart. I think it'd be more depressing for me to be forced to swim slow than it would be to just not swim at all.

• I'm still being as careful as I can with my computer work and with my boys. It still aggravates it FOR SURE. Working on the desktop computer at work is not as bad for it, so I try to do as much work as possible.

That's all for now. Back with a race giveaway and my tentative 2016 race schedule next week.


Jackie 7:34 PM, March 06, 2016  

Have you had an ergonomics eval of your computer set up? Might help.

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