Friday Funny 1072: Looking For "Fitness Singles"

>> Friday, March 25, 2016

I recently got this direct message through Instagram:

Yeah, that bottom photo is me. If you've been a LONG time reader, you know it's from my 2008 Square Lake Half Ironman race report where I was TAKING A SELFIE WHILE PEEING IN A CORNFIELD.

First of all, I'm just an average looking guy (on a good day) - why "lie" with a photo of ME? Secondly, there are literally HUNDREDS of more attractive photos of me on this blog (where I'm NOT peeing in a cornfield). I'm assuming someone just Googled something about "Half Ironman" and found that image.

I wrote her back:

And my image is now off of

The moral is: if you see my photo on a dating site, it's wasn't posted by me. ESPECIALLY if I'm peeing or pooping.

Happy Friday!


SteveQ 11:45 AM, March 26, 2016  

Oh man, it's going to keep coming back as a problem. A photo of a woman I know showed up on a Russian mail order bride site and is now several other places as well.

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