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>> Saturday, March 19, 2016

Early Tuesday morning, things went downhill in our household. Monday night was normal. Then I heard loud coughing in Henry's room around 3 a.m., and found Henry throwing up. He threw up again 20 minutes later. At that point, I just grabbed my pillow and stayed in his room. He threw up a 3rd time at 4 a.m., and then a 4th time at 4:30. Then a 5th time at 5:30. After that, I just got up (I'd slept maybe 15 minutes since 3), and he slept for a few hours. We tried some diluted Gatorade and dry cereal in the morning, but that lead to his 6th barf and this Instagram post:

Caption: "Forcing a smile after his 6th puke since 3 a.m. #LongNight #PoorDude #DadLife"

Just after that, I posted this:

Caption: "Today can only get better... Charlie threw his favorite blankie into a
dirty diaper on the changing pad, and he's really upset that we
have to wash it now. #AboutToEndure90MinsOfThis"

Henry threw up 1 more time (that'd be the 7th time if you're counting) around 11:30 a.m., but then was really hungry around 2 p.m. After a good nap, he was fine. I posted this that night:

Caption: "#RubADubDub"

Oh, and then the next morning, this arrived on our doorstep. Look who was on the cover of the "Highland Village" newspaper:

Back with a race report from "O'Gara's Irish Run" shortly. I debuted some new shorts! Happy weekend!


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