Friday Funny 1063: My Recent Amazon Order

>> Friday, March 04, 2016

This sums up my life nicely:

I purchased:
- a build-your-own camera kit (because I'm a photo nerd)
- a book about explaining where babies come from to kids (because Henry's started asking)
- sex lube (BECAUSE)
- and a physical therapy device (for my medial epicondylitis in my forearm)

DON'T READ INTO THIS. We are NOT trying for child #3. Stop it.

The part about the book for Henry came about because of this post on Facebook a few days ago (and I'm including the comments because there were some good ones):

Oh, and here's the link to the "image I've found helpful" in my comment to Lisa. :)

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Jen K 9:14 PM, March 04, 2016  

I'm not on Facebook but had to share my conversation with my then 4-year-old on this topic (also in the car): after some preamble in which I said her little sister wasn't "made yet" she asked "who made B?". As I said the words, "Mummy and Daddy made B" I fully expected the next question to be the dreaded "how?" but instead she asked "who made B's head?" Can't wait to tell her that one when she's older!

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