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>> Wednesday, December 09, 2015

So in my last post, I shared my MRI findings and what's been going on lately. I didn't really mention what I'll be doing about it.

I guess I'm still just doing my forearm exercises and waiting for it to get better.

I'm going to start posting less because computer work aggravates it. I'm actually "typing" this now by using the Blogger app on my phone while speaking these words to Siri (so I'm NOT typing). I have a big week on my computer with classes and finals coming, but then hopefully I can lay off a bit. I'll still probably post weekly (and I always like to post Friday Funnies), but I'm not going to stress out trying to make sure I have posts most days. It's not worth it.

Here's to resting my elbow!


Shinianen 3:31 PM, December 09, 2015  

And here's to having it heal, too!! :-D

Anonymous,  9:49 PM, December 09, 2015  

"forearm exercises"....

Keith 9:39 AM, December 10, 2015  

Hi Steve. I feel your pain and can sympathize. I've had various overuse injuries over the years. Some years it feels like constant tinkering to find a way to do something so it doesn't hurt. The big one for me many years ago was to run the mouse left handed. It's still set up for a right handed person vis a vis the buttons, I just use it with my left hand. There are all sort of fancy keyboards that might, or might not help. There are all sorts of different mousing options as well. Sounds dumb, but going to a standing desk changes the whole dynamic.

Plus this whole getting old thing. That doesn't help. Hope it all goes well.

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