A Few Races in the Near Future

>> Monday, December 28, 2015

Well, my next race on the books is on THURSDAY! I'm doing a "donut mile." The rules are basically like the beer "kitten" miles that I've done, but with donuts instead of adult beverages: someone says GO, you eat a donut, run 1/4 mile, eat a donut, run 1/4 mile, eat a donut, run 1/4 mile, eat a donut, and run 1/4 mile. I'm EXPECTING it to be easier than any of my kitten miles because eating a donut FAST every 1/4 mile sounds easier than chugging a beer. We'll see.

(Oh, and my "secret weapon" is that I think I'll be the only one racing who's done a donut run before. Click here to check out my race report from my 2008 Donut Run where I ate 15 Krispy Kremes during a 5K!)

After that, I'm THINKING about signing up for the Minnesota Distance Running Association's "Grand Prix" series again (like I did in 2012). It's 13 races where you get scored against other Grand Prix runners, and your best 10 races count. I wouldn't be shooting for 10 races though - if I did 7, that'd be great. I'm thinking about doing the series for 3 reasons: first, I'm thinking about doing the Securian Run Half Marathon at the end of January, and that's one of the series races, so why not just sign up for the series and do some more races. Second, Grand Prix members get a discount on many of the races in the series, so the $5 cost to enter the series is recouped right away (and then you end up saving money on subsequent races). And third, my elbow is showing little sign of getting better, so triathlons (swimming) might not be on the books for 2016, so I might as well run more.

There are 2 Grand Prix races in January: a 1 mile track meet on the 11th, and the Securian Run Half Marathon on the 30th. I won't be in KILLER shape for any of those, but I'm 100% OK with that. I've really been enjoying my easy to easy/moderate runs just to build base milage. I'm not about to hit the track for 20x200 and re-injure every old injury I've ever had.

So stop back next Monday for a "Donut Mile" race report! And I'll have some training numbers posted over the weekend.


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