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>> Sunday, December 20, 2015

Pharmie and I just did a lot of financial planning. Along with that, we got new life insurance policies. So a nurse had to come out to our house and draw blood and get info from us:

Uhh, according to this BMI chart, my BMI of 23.7 is just 1.3 points from being considered "overweight." Really? Dang.

Other than that, my blood results were pretty darn good. Here they are. CLICK THE IMAGE for a larger version if you want to read the smaller text.

Pharmie (who's a pharmacist) was super impressed with my numbers. So if I die of a heart attack in 2 weeks, make sure to question my wife before she collects the insurance money. :)


CountryCityCindy 9:42 AM, December 20, 2015  

This means it's time for a bunch of fatty fried foods!

Katie M 9:50 PM, December 20, 2015  

Your BMI is'd need to gain 8 lbs to be at a BMI of 25...(at 5'9" and 169 lbs). So you def have room for lots of fried foods as Country CityCindy mentions :)

Steve Stenzel 8:47 AM, December 21, 2015  


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