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>> Saturday, August 08, 2015

Well, I'm racing tomorrow as an "elite" for the first time, but I'm worried about my achilles holding up. I saw Dr. Folske yesterday and he gave me lots of good info. More on that sometime next week post-race.

I haven't ran much this week because of my heel, and the runs I've done have been a bit painful. But I've biked a bit with no problem. On Tuesday, I did a hilly, hilly ride. Here's what my speed looked like in the middle of my workout:

Garmin SPEED graph: fast downhills, slow uphills.

I did 2 "warm up" hills early on, and then did Ohio Hill 3 times (in 2:14, 2:14, and 2:18), followed by Ramsey Hill 3 times (1:29, 1:29, and 1:25). The extended downhill between the 2 sets of hills was the Smith Street High Bridge. If you want to see photos and/or a map of these hills, CLICK HERE for a post from last year with maps and lots of photos of Matt and I riding these same hills.

I haven't been hitting the hills as much lately, and I wanted to climb a few to feel more ready for the 200' climb at the middle of the race tomorrow. Here's the elevation chart of the North Mankato Tri bike course:

I might have a quick update tomorrow afternoon, but check my Twitter and/or my Instagram for the latest. And then stop back in a few days for a race report! Pharmie and I are both racing! Wish us luck!


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