An ACTUAL "Training" Run!

>> Saturday, August 22, 2015

Well folks, I had a successful long run today. It was only 6 miles, but it was 6 miles in the right direction since having lots of heel pain nearly 5 weeks ago. And it was my first real "training" run in about 7 weeks!! (When I did a 2x2 mile efforts with Charlie in the stroller on July 3rd when we were "at the lake" at Aunt Jen's house to celebrate the 4th)

I did some "race pace" miles today. I warmed up with 2 easy miles (where I had a little heel tightness), and then "built" for a mile, and then did 2 miles around my 10 mile race pace before cooling down for a final mile. In the past, I've talked about liking "race pace" miles and not "all out" tempo miles because the FAST work gets me injured. I was hoping to be able to hold about 6:10s for the race pace miles, and my mile splits looked like this:

- 2 mile WU, 1 mile building, 2 miles "race pace," 1 mile CD
- Mile splits: 7:12, 7:24, 6:32, 6:07, 6:00, 7:13
- Half mile splits: 3:33, 3:39, 3:42, 3:42, 3:19, 3:13, 3:05, 3:02, 3:01, 2:59, 3:37, 3:36

So I'm pretty happy with that. Sure, I've been a LOT faster in the past (in fact, my last "training" run with Charlie in the stroller had 4 miles faster than any of these!), but the main goal is to stay injury free while building some endurance, so I'm on my way. More on this on Monday - we'll see how my legs feel over the next 24 hours...


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