Ladies, Contain Your Orgasms

>> Monday, August 24, 2015

Be warned. The following is an unedited sexy shot of me in bed last night:

Put your panties back on, ladies.

So that's my super sexy bedtime get-up for the next few weeks. I've shared photos of the "night splint" before on my blog - I got that in 2011 when I really had some bad achilles tendon issues on my left leg. And I've worn it a few times since then when I feel the possibility of a calf/achilles injury coming on. Here's a photo from a post in early 2012 showing the sexy night splint:

(First seen in this post from 2011.)

So in the photo of me laying in bed, you see it on my right leg - that's the calf that gave me issues last month on a 7 mile run.

On my left leg in the top photo is a Strassburg Sock. It works in a similar way and helps reduce calf/achilles tightness and pain, but it also is supposed to help with planter fasciitis and a few other things. I just bought that on Friday and have been wearing it at night ever since. I always figured a Strassburg Sock would be more comfortable than my night splint, but it's really not - the pulling back on the toes is a little uncomfortable.

These are my words, but this is my understanding of these 2 "devices:" basically, both the night splint and the Strassburg Sock work by not letting the calf and achilles totally relax and "shorten" overnight. When you lay in bed, your feet and legs are not at 90 degree angle - your toes are a little pointed. Pull up some covers, and the weight of that will point your toes a little more. When your calves are relaxed but your toes are pointed, that allows your achilles and calves to "shorten" a bit. Lay like that for 6-8 hours, and they will start to think that this shortened state is their new normal. So then you hop out of bed in the morning, and with your first steps you feel tight, achy, sore calves and/or achilles because now your feet and legs are back to a 90 degree angle for the first time since the night before. These 2 devices don't stretch the calf/achilles, but they hold everything at such an angle that it can be relaxed but not "shortened" as you sleep. Make sense? That's the best I can explain it.

I had more acupuncture for my arm and my calves on Friday, but I don't think that's doing much to help either issue (calf tightness and forearm pain). I Instagrammed this photo of a few acupuncture needles in my ear:

Caption: "25 needles in me. Trying 4 in my ears too."

A photo from 2 days after my acupuncture showing where 1 needle bruised my forearm.

One needle in one of my hands felt like it was moving the whole time. And right before the needles were pulled out (after 20-25 minutes or so), the needle just popped out. I was told that sometimes the body forces out needles. It was weird. (And not "sexy weird" like the top photo in this post.)

Back to stretching and doing my leg exercises to keep my legs happy! Hoping for a long run of 7 miles in a few days! We're less than 6 weeks from the "Loony Challenge," so my mileage NEEDS to be increasing.


Unknown 1:49 PM, August 24, 2015  

If you're wearing a sock does that mean it's business time?

Steve Stenzel 3:04 PM, August 24, 2015  

I think it's the exact opposite of that, Pamela… :)

megant113 5:38 PM, August 24, 2015  

I have one of those sexy Strassburg Socks too, for my plantar fasciitis. I found it really uncomfortable until I loosened the Velcro between my toes and the top of the calf. My heel's not all the way to 90 degrees, but it makes it comfortable enough to sleep in, and my foot feels better in the morning, compared to not wearing it.

Steve Stenzel 7:28 AM, August 25, 2015  

Megant113, I kinda did that the other night after getting up to give Charlie a bottle. I think I'll start loosening it a bit more. It was a LOT more comfortable when I did, and like you said, I think it still helped. Thanks!

Bikerpete 6:41 AM, August 26, 2015  

Next time use these (but make sure you use the same colors).
They are more "stenzel-style" I think ... :-)

And avoid excessive Taco Bell runs.
Wearing both will make you slow when you have to go to to..., bro! :-)

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