Thirsty (for knowledge) Thursday: Online Triathlon Assessment with Craig Alexander

>> Thursday, August 06, 2015

So I came across this quiz online a few days ago in a "sponsored" Facebook post. I don't put much more stock in this online quiz than any other quiz (like "what pet should you get," or "should you marry pizza or a person"), but it was slightly interesting.

It asks 7 pages of questions based on different categories: goals, training, nutrition, form, execution, mental, and equipment. The options for answering are a bit strange - they are "crushing it already," "planning on doing this soon," "should be doing this but need help first," "didn't know about this, I'll look into it," and "I'm not bothered." Some questions you can't really answer in that fashion. So I answered them basically as if they were on a scale from "I'm great about doing this," to "I'm not the best about this" in the middle, to "I'm never going to do this" on the other end.

These were my results:

Basically, I could be a "podium age grouper" if I set more strict goals
and took my bike to the shop more often. Really.

My "nutrition" is low? Big surprise. And my "form" is low because I don't do many drills in the pool.

My note from Craig Alexander (the "face" of the survey) said this:

You have the habits of a Mid-Pack Age Group Triathlete. Is this where you are? If you are already on the podium level, then you could easily spend more time working on improving your habits and quickly make progress in the sport. If you are at this level and want to move up to the next level, you ought to consider investing time in learning and implementing the professional level habits. Before you spend a lot more extra time training (which you probably don’t have) you could just improve your habits and attention to detail in the sport to get to the next level.

Again, far from a perfect quiz, but it asked some interesting questions and was a good way to compare your different "categories" and see where you're stronger and where you need work. Check it out here. (It asks for your email before it gives you your results, but it doesn't need you to verify anything, so you could probably give it "" and be OK.)

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