Twin Cities 10 Mile PARTY!

>> Wednesday, October 02, 2013

I might not be able to run the TC 10 Mile this upcoming weekend, but some of my family will be, and I'll be cheering my butt off for them! I've got 4 family members running the TC 10 Mile on Sunday: my sibling-in-laws Jon, Matt, Mike, and Annie.

I'm not worried at all about Jon and Matt. Because Jon has done a number of half marathons, a marathon or 2, and he's done 1 other 10 mile - he said he wasn't that well trained for the the 10 mile he did in the past, so he's hoping to do this 10 miler about 2 minutes faster PER MILE.

And you've all seen Matt on my blog. We've done a lot of races together, including our last 3 TC 10 Miles. He's done a number of half marathons and 10 mile races, and I'm not sure exactly what his goals are for this race, but he'll be just fine.

Jon and I as "Team Tighty-Whitey" at the 2008 Osceola Duathlon.

Matt, me, and Jon all at the that Du in 2008.

Jon and I in the Osceola Sun after the race.

Jon about to finish the 2009 TC Marathon!!

Matt at the time trial we did together at the end of July.

Steamy Matt after the 2010 TC 10 Mile.

Mike did the TC 10 Mile with us 2 years ago:

Mike about to finish his first 10 mile race at the 2011 TC 10 Mile!!

Brianna and Mike with (a tiny) Henry 2 years ago after Mike's race.

Finally, this is Annie's LONGEST RACE EVER!!! She doesn't like to make a big deal out of it, but she's lost a lot of weight over the past 10 months - she's down well over 100 pounds. That's awesome! We're all so proud of her, and now she's going to take ANOTHER big step and race her first 10 mile!

Just last week after Annie's FIRST DAY AS A NURSE!!

This past weekend when the 3 sisters got together: Steph, Annie, and my Pharmie.

Annie, Brianna (Mike's girlfriend), and Mike at the Friendship Day 2 Miler at the end of June.
Notice that Annie's beating her big brother!! OOOHHH!!!!! :)

So Matt will most likely finish around 20 minutes faster than any other runner in our gang, but the other 3 (Jon, Mike, and Annie) could all be REALLY close. Annie has had some great 6-8 mile runs, and it's possible that she could beat her brother Mike! No one is REALLY racing each other, but there might be some "family bragging rights" on the line... :)

One last thing: here are Mike, me, and Matt dancing our arses off at the 2010 TC Marathon:

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Good luck to all racers! See you out there this weekend!!


Jay,  8:33 PM, October 02, 2013  

Annie is really pretty. Congrats to her on the weight loss!

Steve Stenzel 4:08 PM, October 03, 2013  

Jay, those 3 sisters are a good looking bunch! I've gotten them mixed up before... true story. :)

Jay,  9:24 AM, October 09, 2013  

Pharmie and Annie definitely. I haven't seen a good picture of Steph on your blog yet. I hate to say it, but those glasses are working against her. Nothing against her, those frames don't look good on anyone.

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