More Mindless Aqua Jogging

>> Monday, October 14, 2013

Just over a week ago, I did 45:00 of aqua jogging. I did a few 9:00 intervals (6 hard, 3 easy). Here's my belly afterwards, all beat-up from the floaty-belt-thingy:

Of COURSE I'm flexing. Duh.

It's been over 6 weeks since I've ran, and over 3 weeks since I've biked. My knee is barely getting better, and my hip has it's moments. My hip hurt a lot more a few weeks ago, but my knee just really hasn't changed in the last 4 weeks. (Here was my last update 2 weeks ago.) I think my next step is to get an MRI.

I was "proud" of myself for not missing running that much until about a week ago. I didn't like watching the TC 10 Mile and not being a part of it. It was a BEAUTIFUL morning for a race!

Check out my post from this weekend that shows some AWESOME photos from the TC Marathon!

And stop by again soon (hopefully tomorrow) for a $150 shoe giveaway!!


Keith 9:43 AM, October 14, 2013  

Hang in there. It took me 3 months or so. These things don't heal like a shaving cut. It a long time for the really tight muscles all over my leg to relax and stop making the problem worse. Then helping the recovery to happen. Even now it isn't as strong as I'd like. Long run yesterday has my leg feeling just a bit further on the far side of being tired than I'd like.

:) 6:18 PM, October 14, 2013  

It's possible to do aqua jogging without the belt. It makes the workout more intense because you have to turn your legs over even faster to stay floating in the water. Might want to go with a shorter more intense workout interval to try it out.
Good luck!

Jackie 6:57 PM, October 14, 2013  

Do they have a thing called a rash guard in Minnesota? You need one dude!

GoBigGreen 8:39 PM, October 14, 2013  

Steve I am sorry this is hanging on. I guess my only comment that MAY help is that there are those that have gone before you ( me, included) who have had some sort of major " blip " and not run for months even years. I know that sounds AWFUL, but you will get thru it and you will be able to run again!
I think an MRI is a good idea, at least it can rule out some stuff and if your PT isnt it.
Hope otherwise life is good for you three!

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