Another "Kitten Mile"

>> Monday, October 28, 2013

This is a highly-secretive event. The details have been changed to protect those involved. Even though I'm calling it a "kitten mile," actual kittens may or may not be involved. Here's what I CAN tell you (from my "kitten mile" race report from last year):

What I'm talking about is a "Kitten Mile."

Here's how it works:
- Someone shouts "GO."
- You chug some cat nip.
- Then run 1/4 mile.
- Chug more cat nip.
- Run another 1/4 mile.
- Chug more cat nip.
- Run another 1/4 mile.
- Chug more cat nip.
- Run a final 1/4 mile.

That's a total of 48 ounces of nip and a mile of running. All of the cat nip chugging has to take place in a "transition zone" - you can't start running until after you're done chugging. If you throw up your cat nip before you finish, you have to do an extra penalty lap. If you have too much cat nip left from your 4 containers (usually something like 1 oz can be left when all of your extra is added up), you have to do a penalty lap.

Being I'm injured this year, I couldn't race. And this was my "A race" for the year. Damn. I raced the last 3 years finishing my first 3 "kitten miles" in 6:46, 6:47, and 6:54. I was listed in the "Hall of Fame" among some pretty great people:

There was a cute women (who I was lucky enough to go home with!) who got a little chilly as the race was getting ready to start:

A few seconds before the start of the "male" wave.

Winner of the first wave hitting the line.

The second wave was the "female" wave.

This is the eventual winner stumbling away from one of her transitions.

"The Thrill of Victory..."
(Not only did I have to hide her identity, but also the identity of her left nipple.)

"... and the Agony of Defeat."
(This was last place in the FIRST wave, and he finished in the middle of the 2nd wave... FINALLY.)

At a kitten mile, there are a few people trying to "kill it," but many people are just having a good time. Take, for instance, this photo of 2nd and 3rd finishing happily side-by-side (even though they were really sprinting hard):

2 seconds after the start of the final "elite" wave.

Winner of the elite wave checking his time right after crossing the line.

The 3-time winner from the last 3 years was de-throned this year! He had trouble with his final round of cat nip and ended up spewing it up just a few feet into the final run. So he had to do a penalty lap and was easily beaten. Here's evidence of his spewing:

SHOOT! I forgot to censor that photo!! Damn it.

Have you ever seen a censored photo of barf in order to protect it's identity?
You have now. Welcome to my blog.

Afterwards, the lovely lady and I grabbed some chicken and fish tacos from Lulu's Deli which is QUICKLY becoming a favorite local place of ours. We had an order of fried cheese curds too. And then cake from Cafe Latte. Sheesh. We watched game 3 of the World Series and had a great low-key night.

I hope to be racing the "Kitten Mile" again next year, and I hope my time will still be "Hall of Fame" worthy! CLICK HERE for my 2011 "Kitten Mile" race report, and CLICK HERE for my 2012 race report (which has a lot of photos of me racing).


Carolina John 11:39 AM, October 30, 2013  

I feel certain that most of us would have recognized that left nipple. Glad you protected us from that.

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